101 things in 1001 days – slacking so hard

Real talk for a second, I’ve been struggling with my mental health the last… year. I haven’t been avoiding addressing it. I’m aware of it. Blah-blah. Absolutely zero to be worried about with me on this one. In fact, you should be more concerned at yourself if you think it’s a big deal to talk about mental health because one in four of you are affected in some way by a mental health disorder. Basically, all the cool kids have ishes whether or not they want admit it. (Thank you for joining me on my mental health soapbox. Feel free to visit anytime.)

My point is that I’ve had to be overly aware of my feelings, emotions, what have you and I’ve also been practicing the HELL out of the very best thing I’ve ever learned in cognitive behavioral therapy: OPPOSITION ACTION. And it’s only because of my opposite action skillz and mental health awareness that I’ve been able to accomplish anything on this list since the last time I updated it in I don’t even know how long and I’m too lazy to go back and look, so if you’re dying to know, be my guest. For the better health and fitness information you need to Check this out.

For those new to my world here. back on March 4, 2016, I made a list of 101 things I wanted to complete in 1001 days, which is December 1, 2018. I’m getting down to about a

year to complete all these things. No pressure.

  • #13: Build up wendyberry.com for something. Ohhhh, I sure did. It gets about as much attention as this blog, but it’s there and it’s allll about HR, leadership, the working world, all that jazz that I like to geek out about.
  • #34: Find a new vet for June. We’re sticking to the old one. Cheated, but done.
  • #88: See the Lynx play somewhere other than the Target Center. Technically, I saw them play in two different places: Xcel Center and Williams Arena.

66% of my completions for the last few months have been frauds, you guys, and I don’t even care.

I’m pretty checked out of 2017. I’m glad Baby E to the B won’t be born this year because it’s just been a crapfest since that giant orange bigmouthed butthole mouth took office. I know 2018 won’t fix it all, but it gives me some encouragement that we’ve got one year down of that turd “leading” the country.

watch ya mouth, pals

October is the National Dental Hygiene Month and throughout the 31 days, efforts will be made to make people realize that they need to take better care of their oral health. The fact is that looking after your teeth is not expensive nor very difficult. To ensure that you keep smiling, here are a  few tips to stick to a dental healthcare regime.

How to take care of teeth in 10 easy steps –

1. Brush before going to bed –

Germs and bacteria accumulate in your mouth throughout the day and the food that you eat tends to accumulate between your teeth. That is why you have to brush after meals, preferably after dinner before you go to bed. Unless you do this, there is a good chance plaque will develop around your teeth.

But remember, don’t brush within half an hour of your dinner. That is because the acids that food releases make your teeth’s enamel vulnerable and brushing right afterwards may erode the enamel.

2. Brush first thing in the morning –

When you are asleep, your mouth does not produce much saliva. And saliva is vital in flushing out harmful pathogens in your mouth. That is why, in those hours when you are asleep, bacteria colonies expand. Brushing your teeth in the morning will clean out the bacteria.

3. The right way of brushing –

According with family dentist Omaha, the way you brush is important and if you don’t do it right, it’s as harmful as not brushing. Brush in gentle circular motions at a 45-degree angle. Your brushing shouldn’t last longer than 4 minutes or you might damage your enamel. Brush your tongue as well, especially the back of it because filth accumulates between your tastebuds and they too have the potential to harm your teeth.

Remember to use a soft-bristled brush.

4. Flossing –

Not a lot of people in India floss their teeth. Floss is a very thin cord that you can use to remove food particles or plaque stuck in those nooks and crannies of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach. Unless you floss, tooth decay should set in because you are not expelling all possible plaque from your teeth.

5. Fluoride Toothpaste –

Make sure that your toothpaste contains sodium fluoride. This ingredient is famous for its anti-cavity properties and will keep your teeth strong and healthy. Next time you purchase a tube of toothpaste, go over the ingredient list to see if it contains fluoride.

6. Use a mouthwash –

Like flossing, not many Indians are keen on using mouthwash. That is because not many of us know how mouthwash works. It does more than just give you a fresh breath. It lowers the amount of acid present in your mouth to minimize teeth damage caused by acids. It adds more minerals to your teeth. And when you swish it in your mouth, it cleans out your teeth, tongue and oral cavity thoroughly.

7. Stay hydrated –

Drinking water frequently means you will wash down the bacteria that can harm your teeth. Drink water after your meals to negate the effect of acids. Or you can rinse your mouth with water too.

8. Visit your dentist –

Make an appointment with your dentist twice a year. Consider this as a kind of preventive check-up. Your dentist will examine your teeth and mouth for any signs of plaque, tartar, cavities or gum disease. If there are any, you can take action right away.

9. Cut down on sweets and sugary treats –

This is one of the most important dental care tips. All sweet-tasting foods contain sugars, which are converted to acids in your mouth. And acids are your teeth’s worst enemy.

today, my son is three. very, very three.

Exactly three years ago today, I met my son and it was amazing. (Down to the minute even because I totally scheduled this blog post.)

He had dark curly black hair, not only on his head but all over his arms and back, too. He was fat. So fat. They couldn’t even find diapers in his size during our quick stint in the NICU because was so fat. Clothes in the newborn or 0-3 range were completely pointless in our house.

We stayed in the hospital for four days. I only left long enough to make sure my big white dog (pretty much my original baby) didn’t hate me and to bring my postpartum wife a cherry slush from Sonic. When I came back from the Sonic trip, I was about to lose my mind because he was having his hearing test in the hospital room without me present and I was certain they were shoving needles into his eardrums and I wasn’t there to supervise. (Sleep deprivation is real.)

I can’t even describe the last three years in words that would make sense to anyone at all. My unsolicited advice to new parents is that it is the hardest thing you’ll ever do and the best thing you’ll ever do, all at the same time. And no matter how you decide to parent, you will figure out what works for you, your family and your baby and, once that happens, that means you’re doing it right. This little dude has changed my life in a million different ways and I’m sure there are 12 billion more to come.

I always knew I’d be a mom at some point in my life. I wasn’t sure how because I sure as hell have ZERO Interest in feeling like I’m on an episode of Monsters Inside Me. I never questioned how it would happen because I just knew. And now, here I am – the mom of a stinkin’ THREE YEAR OLD.

He loves every single sport, even when I’m not sure how he knows how to play them. He’s a “championship go go player”. He likes playing football and will let you know that you need to “throw the ball like a rainbow”. He’s the “championship” anytime he’s running a race (against himself) or throwing something into any container. When he visits his great grandma, he turns the garage sale toys from 1985 (not an exaggeration) into either a hockey game or a baseball game. He only used his tee-ball set for about three months before his Nana taught him how to hit without it this summer. He’s not afraid to jump off of anything and will ask if you say his “big hops” in the event you didn’t see him jumping off a table two feet off the ground.

He’s left-handed for most things. He hates vegetables, except for egg rolls stuffed full of cabbage and rice noodles. He loves grapes and will bring the entire gigantic bag into the living room to eat if he thinks he can get away with it. He’s independent, which is so awesome to watch, and hella slow in doing those independent things, which is the opposite of awesome when we’re trying to get into the car and he’s hell bent on buckling his seat belt and can’t quite understand why I’m impatiently telling him to hurry as the sleet goes down the back of my shirt. He sleeps with a stuffed frog half his size that he has named Beasto, a Captain America action figure and stuffed version of Lightning McQueen.

He’s in daycare full-time and I love it. He loves it, too. He talks about the other kids every day and has a special kind of bromance with his daycare provider’s high school freshman son. Our kid calls him “Mashew” and gets all googly eyed when he talks about him. It’s adorable. He always says his best friend is Liam, which is working out nicely because Liam’s parents are our close friends and those dudes don’t have a choice as to whether or not they want to be friends or not.

I’ve learned to rail in my profanity, which has not been an easy task. I’ve learned to accept the fact that my personal space is his personal space, day or night. I’ve learned to slow down. Sure, it could take me five minutes to go get dog food at Target if I threw him in a cart and hightailed it in and out of there. Or, I could take half an hour to let him “walk by my own self”, which also includes walking down four aisles of toys because “I never seen all these toys before”.

I’ve learned that I hate unsolicited parenting advice when I post something on Facebook like, “man, I sure do hope my son will eat a carrot one day in his life” and I get one million pieces of advice that involve smoothies and hiding vegetables in his waffles and treating rickets with some multi-level marketing homeopathic oil. I. DON’T. CARE. How did our parents do it back before the internet, man?

Parenting has taught me so much about myself and I can’t think this child, who currently has a clothes hanger hanging from his living room basketball hoop, enough for all that he has done to teach me. It still remains the best thing and the hardest thing that I do every single day. I’m this title in my professional life or that person in my personal life, but nothing makes me prouder than to talk about this little guy any time I get the chance.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ozzy. You’re the greatest. I can’t wait to see what this next year is like for you, my man.