my history with championship teams

Let’s examine the past, shall we?

The first championship team I remember really following was the Kansas City Royals. When it’s the closest sports team to where you live your entire childhood, it seems automatic. It was 1985 and the Royals were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Huge bleeping deal for the entire state, right? I was in second grade. When I was standing in the corner for talking too much (this happened daily), then I was sitting across from the one Cardinals fan in my entire class. The Royals, of course won, and my Cardinals fan classmate would go on to be one of my playground fight targets throughout elementary school before he shot me in the wrist with a BB gun at close range. Don’t worry. I called his mom to let her know.┬áThe Royals, after that big win, would later familiarize themselves very well with last place. Regularly. They’re still in my list of top five baseball teams.

Fast forward five years. I’m in 7th grade. I’m playing basketball on a team that went 1-5107. We beat the Leeton Junior High Bulldogs. You know who wasn’t losing? The Chicago Bulls. I kept stats on notebook paper of every single game I could watch on WGN. We’re talking hash marks for points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc. I wasn’t messing around. I had more Chicago Bulls swag than any kid in mid-Missouri should probably ever had and rocked my jerseys hard all the way through the Jordan era ended for the second time. I tried following them after their championship years, but when Toni Kukock is your star player and you can’t find a coach to save your life, it makes it hard for a kid, you know?

I jumped on the Minnesota Twins bandwagon hard and fast when I moved here. Some years, it’s been way awesome and we’ve landed in the playoffs. I’ve been. Every year. And watched the eventual demise in the first round. Every year. Usually at the hand of the Billionaires. Here we are with this gorgeous, gorgeous stadium and all I want to do is watch some outside baseball from there in October. I’ll keep holding out for it. Don’t worry.

Oh, and you knew this was coming. Now? The Minnesota Lynx. I’ve been going to games since, I think, 2005ish? I don’t remember completely, but I do know there have been some BOOTY seasons. Last place here, second to last there. I’ve seen it. But I’m nowhere near going anywhere. Like most Minnesota teams, it takes forever and a day to build a line up that’s healthy and knows how to play together. Now that it’s here, my head might explode. We’re playing for the WNBA Championship tonight.

Tonight is the only night we can go. And we’ll be there so hard. We’re headed out of town the night of Game 2, then they play in Atlanta. Game 5 will be in Minneapolis. As much as I’d love to see the championship won on our court, I’d much rather have it taken care of in less than five games. So, let’s do it, Lynx. Let’s bring it on home!


sunday at the twins game

I went to my 3rd Twins game of the year this afternoon, thanks to some tickets I got from work on Friday. I didn’t do anything special, other than putting my name in the drawing, but the email I sent to do that did take a lot of work.

We were in row seven, but there ended up being two rows in front of us and it was the section where someone comes to take your order during the game. We had to hike up the stairs to get our sundaes that come in baseball caps, but the people below us? They got their Dome Dogs and $4 bottles of water delivered for free.

Francisco Liriano pitched six shutout innings in his first game since being brought up from AAA. The Twins won 6-2 and the Royals beat the White Sox 14-3, which means the Twins are leading the division.

And here are some pictures I took during the game:
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a few twins links

I have about 405 posts I want to make about sports, but I keep finding other things to write about.

The Dugout makes me cry. The folks there generate IM conversations between baseball players. I know, I know. It doesn’t sound funny. BUT IT IS. My favorites as of late have featured new Twins player Delmon Young – a discussion between he and his brother about the liquid refreshment options they have and when he talks about living in dank ass Minnesota and playing in the “huh-huh-huh metradomez”. It’s perfect for nerds that love baseball – more than perfect.

Pat Neshek, who needs to learn the fine art of permalinks, it wise as ever with his advice on how to write to ball players. “In a perfect world my favorite letter would be “What’s up Pat, I know you are busy, just wanted you to sign this card if you have time!” And Pat Neshek, stop using comic sans on your blog!

And finally, if a player has an ERA of 11.42, it’s time to send him back to the minors. I don’t care if it’s Jesus Christ Jr. pitching for the Yankees. There’s nobody that I would keep in a major league lineup pitching like that.