discount on registration for the ’08 3 day

The 2008 3 Day hasn’t exactly been my top priority this time around. I feel bad about it, because obviously years 2005-2007 were talked about until you guys all wanted to stab me. I know it’s true! This year, I decided to crew, and while I wouldn’t have known it at the time we signed up in early October, with everything going on in the past six month, I couldn’t imagine doing anything but crewing.

Fundraising as been kind of at a standstill because in the past six months, I’ve gotten fired, went to Missouri twice, took a week long cruise, went to Missouri again, and moved apartments. Oh, and applied for probably 6208 jobs. I guess the one good thing about being on the crew, as opposed to walking, is that there’s no fundraising minimum like I’ve had to deal with in the past.

Out of the many, many things I’ve learned about the way things run over the course of The 3 Day, one of the most important things? The crew. They’re there to cheer you on, make you laugh, pick you up (sometimes even literally), and even if it’s just for five seconds, they can make you forget that you’ve just woken up from your second night of sleeping in a tent, and you’ve got 20 more miles to walk before you get to peel off your tennis shoes and take a shower in something besides a diesel trailer.

That’s why I wanted to crew this year, and that’s why I’d like to invite you to crew along with me and other members of Team Boobylicious.

Through midnight on April 11th, you can save $35 off the normally $90 registration fee. The money you use to register doesn’t go towards your fundraising, but it does go towards covering things like three days of meals, showers, and enough medical supplies to take care of thousands of walkers.

When you register at (or via phone at 800.996.3DAY), join Team Boobylicious and use the promo code TEAMS to receive the discounted registration fee. And just because you’re crewing doesn’t mean it won’t be four days out of your life that’ll change it forever.*

(*Crew members actually have to be there a half day in advance to help set up giant tents and organize everything.)

no one can ever be like me

I feel like it should be 11pm Sunday night and I should be in my flannel pajama pants watching High School Musical 2. (Quiet.)

Man. In the past 48 hours, I’ve done more than I’ve done in the two months I’ve been unemployed. I can’t really believe it’s actually been two months.

Friday night, we convened for the second annual Awesome Christmas, which involves getting everyone gifts, with the catch being the gifts can’t cost more than $3/person. It’s awesome, hence the name Awesome Christmas. For instance, I got Matt a Brewtus-esque glass that had been engraved for someone named Dhi Patel, who was supposed to be a best man at someone’s wedding and Jenni was the lucky recipient of a foam do-it-yourself-style journal geared towards a 1st grade girl that loves princesses. I received such gems at a 2-pack of recorders, a slide whistle, and an airplane bottle of Hpnotiq. My friends, they’re fantastic.

Prior to unwrapping presents, six of us hit up Azia for dinner. We seemed like completely different people all the sitting in a nice restaurant and having (mostly) adult conversation, as opposed to sitting in a booth of a dive bar, ordering 2-for-1 shots, and (mostly) quietly making fun of everybody we don’t know. The food was spectacular, but then again, I’ve never had pad thai that didn’t make me want to marry it. The drinks were fantastic, but I’m sure it’s impossible to go wrong when you drink things called Hello Punch and La Femme Nikita.

Post gift exchange, we had drinks aplenty. So much aplenty, in fact, that Cindi and had some couch time until close to sunrise at Jenni’s apartment. There were shots taken out of a (unused and partially clean) syringe, shots out of tiny chocolate cups, the standard Hpnotiq and Grey Goose shots that make us say HOLLA, and so many more that I’ve forgotten. I know there was some Spin the Bottle action (I made out with the Diet Coke box twice and the recycling box once), a dance floor in the kitchen, and a couple of close calls on leaving for tattoos except all of the tattoo places we knew were closed.

Saturday was baking day for Cindi and I, but I didn’t even get to her apartment (mine was a no go, because Riley likes cookies a lot) until three. We tried one cookie press and didn’t have any luck with it, then went to get a second and it proved to be something we needed to practice, which required time we weren’t willing to spend. We mixed, smashed, baked, iced, and sprinkled cookies until right about 1:30 a.m. But, I have to agree with Cindi – if I’m going to be stuck baking cookies into the middle of the night, I’m glad it was with her.

This morning, I picked Cin up and we convened at her work, where we were a well-oiled machine in packaging the cookies together and divvying them out for delivery. TomTom and I made two deliveries in Minneapolis, which was instrumental in figuring out which neighborhoods I wanted crossed off of my Where To Live list. I went to the post office to mail two packages and 40 billion Christmas cards. Now I’m home playing Scrabble, when I really want to be napping. (When did I start enjoying Scrabble more than napping?)

The jury’s still out on when I’m heading home for Christmas. I was originally going to drive down tomorrow, but I still have one more cookie order to deliver. It has to go to my former employer. HI, NO THANKS. I’m waiting for my former Work BFF™ to call me back; I’m going to try to talk her into doing it for me. Plus, I still have to pack. Putting two weeks worth of t-shirts in a suitcase is hard work.

last call for boob cookies

Or actually boob-related cookies, although I wonder if we’d have a better response if we sold cookies actually shaped like boobs.

In any case, tomorrow’s the last day to put your order in for Team Boobylicious’ very own homemade holiday cookies. You can read more information on our team’s blog (I will forever hate that word!) and place an order online, too.

I’m going to follow Jumi’s lead on this one, too. For those of you not in my local delivery area (which includes the greater Twin Cities metro area and the mid-Missouri area), I’ll pay the shipping for you. It’ll be my little $6 Christmas gift to you. Just be sure to put my name – Wendy Timberlake-Pitt-Mauer-Mann-Bartender-at-the-90s (while I don’t believe in marriage much anymore, I believe in making sure I have all their last names, so I can seem prestigious and fancy) – in the "heard about" field. You can also just put Wendy or two dolla or anything that’ll make sense, really.

Thank you in advance, from both me and my boobs.