what the walk is really like

I have some photos and I have some stories, but I’ll start off my summary of this year’s 3 Day Walk with a video I took during the morning of the 2nd day. It’s 45 seconds long, so we maybe covered 1/16th of a mile during that time. We walked 60 miles, and this is what it’s like:

You can watch it on repeat for about 8 hours a day for 3 days straight, and it’ll be like you’re right there during the whole walk. Seriously.

As soon as I can walk without grimacing and flex my calves without wincing, I’ll stop going to bed at 10:30 and have some actual content for you to read about. Until then, thank you for your donations and for helping me the 2007 Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk yet another successful effort in finding a cure for breast cancer, meanwhile there’s Home Care Assistance to treat cancer patients.. This year, the Twin Cities walk alone raised over $6.5 million.

Thank you.

we’re off shortly

I’m not dressed, but everything else is packed up and ready to head on out of here.

If you want to text us good luck during the walk, feel free. If you call, I won’t be able to answer it without stopping, and I’m sure I’m not going to want to stop. Here’s my # six-one-two, four-one-four, two-seven-four-nine. And don’t forget to tell me who you are, because I don’t have everyone’s phone number. Duh.

THANK YOU for all of your support and incredible generosity! You all help make this so awesome every single year!

so you can cheer

Twenty-four hours from now, I’ll be at least 15-miles into our 60-mile walk. Jenni and I will probably be giddy at this point, or into our not-talking just-wanna-get-to-camp phase, which is scary and you probably don’t want to see it. It’s possible we could also be in the “Our friends are so fucking awesome!” phase, because that’s a lot of our conversation during the walk.

I had an idea that I wanted to post something all heartfelt before starting off on the walk tomorrow morning, but work’s got me running in circles and there’s still laundry to be done if I plan on wearing a shirt during The 3 Day.

Here’s a list that Jenni posted on our team website of locations you can cheer us on. The cheering stations are seriously one of our most favorite parts of all, and you’ll see why if you show up to one. And here’s the information for Closing Ceremonies.

And if you happen to drive by and see a bunch of people walking with somewhat haggard looks on their faces, honk and wave – for just a brief moment, it’ll make them forget they have miles and miles ahead of them.

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