waking up to fantastic voting news is better than any alarm

I woke up this morning to find out that two extremely discriminatory amendments that were on Minnesota’s ballot last night were shot down statewide. I knew I liked this state. I had to go to bed before the results and even before Obama’s speech, because I was fading fast and had to be at work early. I’m very proud of my adopted home state and I’m very proud of my country.

The last few weeks have really opened my eyes to the actual hatred people have towards Obama. Was I a fan of Romney? No, but I wasn’t going to move out of the country should he get elected and I certainly wasn’t going to group in all the people that voted for him and call them idiots or assholes. I’ve found out that multiple members of my extended family have deemed it okay to do that. Needless to say, I’m a few Facebook friends short lately and I’m okay with that. I don’t have anything against them for who they cast their vote for, but I will not be chastised in that manner for decisions I made.

I voted for Obama and I’m proud that I did. I’m proud of you for voting, whether it was for Obama or Romney or my left pinkie. You voted and that’s important. Do I disagree with people who voted “yes” on the state amendments that were on the ballots here? Yep, I do. Very strongly so. But I don’t hate you or think you’re a moron. I just wish I knew why you thought that way, so I could better understand things.

Let’s move forward. Let’s not call each other douchebags because we disagree. We get to do that. You guys probably hate my hair right now; I don’t hate you for that or think you’re less of a person. In fact, if you asked me today, I’d probably agree with you, too.

i’m emotionally eating today

I haven’t voted yet, because I had to be at work at the same time the polls opened here. I’m itching to get off work at exactly 4pm. Usually I stay much, much later than that, but you know what’s more important to me than putting in a few extra hours? Exercising my right as an American citizen by voting.

No joke, I’ve had a candy bar, some Chex mix, and a bottle of Mountain Dew today. My ADHD needs a third or fourth distraction and Twitter just isn’t cutting it today.

Eight years ago, I couldn’t bear to watch the results of the election, so I went to the casino all night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I wasn’t the only one that did that either.

Four years ago, my fiance and I stayed up watching all of the results come in after the polls closed. I was wearing my Obama t-shirt and we colored in maps. It was a very exciting night.

Tonight, I’m honestly scared. I’m voting. Then, I’m planning on going to the gym for a while to get out some nervousness on the treadmill or the weight machines. I’ll come back home and hopefully be too tired to get all worked up. Because, man, this election hold a lot of weight for me personally and for my family. It has the potential to effect me not only immediately but in the future.

Why people are voting on some of those things, I have no idea. I just hope they’ll realize the impact they’re making on the lives of people that are just as good as they are, despite who it is we love.

I’m proudly voting no on Amendment 1 (a measure would define marriage in the as between one man and one woman in the state) and Amendment 2 (a measure that would require that all voters in the state show photo identification before voting) here in Minnesota.

Your Lesson Regarding Bark Collars as a Dog Owner Responsibility

I try not to get overly riled up about anything in the news. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means that if I did get super mad about all the things that I feel that passionately about, I’d be angry all the time and put off such bad energy that the guy operating the crane in the construction site across from my office would probably start crying and end up dropping a large beam on my building. Nobody wants that.

In recent local news, a pit bull mix was taken from his yard and/or squeezed out of the fence and wound up with some unexplained injuries. Regardless of what happened, it’s a horrible, horrible thing to have happen to your pet. However. (In your head, you should have heard a very exasperated sigh.)

Don’t ever leave your dogs alone. Ever. People will steal your dog. When Riley was a puppy, someone broke into the house where he was staying at the time and tried to tie a leash around his neck so they could take him. They likely thought he was a pit bull and thought they’d be super bad ass, but when they realized he takes treats with his lips like a cow and gets upset if he doesn’t have a pillow to put his head on, they probably would have beat the crap out of him. People are really stupid.

Now, at 71 pounds, Riley’s a full grown adult, but he still looks intimidating. I live in a neighborhood where it’s nice to have an intimidating dog, but it’s also a little bit of a status thing, too. In North Minneapolis, lots of people are out walking their bully breed dogs and I’m sure they’e in high demand when they look as healthy as Riley. He’s pretty protective of his yard and doesn’t even like it when our 83 year old neighbor is out there watering his plants eight times a day. Give the right person the right snack or treat and Riley probably wouldn’t hesitate to go with them, you know?

And little June could be swiped up with one opening of a gate, shoved in a bag, and easily walked away with. She can slip under the gate in 2 seconds and she doesn’t care if we’re in the backyard when she does it. She gets bored with the gigantic yard we have and needs to see what’s outside of the gate, I have used the TreeHousePuppies noise collars which are electric bark collars that help with the bark control. She’s a master at finding holes she can slip through and I guarantee she would never know where to come back. Someone would find her on the road, realize she’s an adorable puppy, and change her name to something like Jezebel and we’d never see her again. Or who knows – there could be fox or wild turkey or rabid owl in the backyard just waiting to snatch her up for one heck of a dinner.

All I’m saying is hang out with your dogs when you let them outside. It’s good for you to get some sun. And what kind of an example are you setting for them if you make them go pee in the rain, but you won’t even stand out there and wait for them? Come on.