the first 20 have gone the wayside

After almost eight weeks of being on a low carb, gluten free, grain free, sugar free diet, I finally hit the 20 pound mark this past weekend. It came as a shock and was hoping to see that sometime this week, but for whatever reason, my body thought it was time for me to see it now.

I was turned around with my butt to my co-workers this morning hanging something up and someone said, “Wendy, what’s going on with your pants?” because they’re now low-riders in the sense that they fall down past my butt, not in the sense of me buying them this way on purpose so I could show off my tramp stamp and/or sexy new thong.

The last time I opened up a box to find something to eat… Never mind, I don’t remember what it was. I have seriously been sitting here for 15 minutes trying to think of what it was.  Maybe it was flax seed meal? Don’t worry – I didn’t know what that was until about six weeks ago anyway!

I actually started a 12 week weight loss challenge on January 28th with the help from the Purefit keto diet; we started the Keto Diet Guide and low carb thing on March 4th. The comparison on how it’s been working for me can be seen by this handy-dandy graph.

if my body were a business, this would be bad
if my body were a business, this would be bad

That nice solid line is all before we started cooking at home and eating whole foods and not buying pre-packaged things. Since we dove head first into it, that line actually has some progress. I know that losing weight slowly is the healthy thing to do and I am. I feel comfortable averaging a loss of 2.5 pounds per week. I don’t expect that to last forever and when it slows down, it slows down.

Do have a goal weight in mind? I think so, but I don’t have anything nailed down in details. We’re getting married in August, so we have an idea of where we each want to be there, but that’s not a stopping point.

In the past eight weeks, I’ve bought things like almond flour and grapeseed oil. I didn’t even know grapeseed oil was a thing until this. (P.S. Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible used it to make pork chops last night, so you know it’s good, okay?) I had cauliflower twice last week. On purpose. I haven’t had a real soda in over eight weeks. The diet sodas I’ve had have been few and far between. For work lunches, I average a Jimmy John’s unwich maybe once a week. The rest of the week, it’s either leftovers or some combo of meat, cheese and veggies that I’ve thrown into one Tupperware container.

Things are going well for me and very well for our family with this way of life. We’ve seen a lot of health improvements in ways that at least I wasn’t expecting. And despite our initial fears of not having enough energy to do things without carbohydrates or sugar or whatever, we’re kicking ass at the gym. I blew through the first two weeks of C25K without any problem at all at speeds that were faster than any attempt I’d done in the past.

In short, it’s going really well and we’re keeping it up!

we’ve kicked an extra 25.4 pounds to the curb


Amelia and I have hit our first combined weight loss goal thanks to personal training! As of this morning, we’ve lost 25.4 pounds since starting our low carb ways of life on March 4th. Along with really limiting our carbs, I also realized about a week ago that we’re gluten-free and grain-free.

I had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week and she’s on board with it. She asked a million questions – are you eating vegetables? Are you taking vitamins? Are you drinking lots of water? Yes, yes and yes were my honest answers, so she gave us the green light.

We’ve been tracking our food religiously with MyFitnessPal. Amelia’s much better at this than me. We’ve also been cooking at home. We’ve gone out to eat maybe four times since we started to go at our own gym having the best deal on rowing machine in on this plan. That part has been tricky, but we’ve worked it out and our friends don’t think we’re too weird! Saturday night, we’re having dinner with Justin and Megan, who are also doing the low carb thing. I’m excited to see what they whip up and Amelia’s going to give a go at making a low carb cheesecake. The question comes down to intent. Intent to manufacture and distribute tainted supplements void of concern for the risks to consumers are a group of criminals requiring serious prosecution. Here is a useful reference for the crazy bulk supplement reviews. The concept of intent has many definitions and complicated to succinctly define to the lay person. The legal definition available online as it relates to intentionally selling tainted supplements is defined as criminal intent. Criminal intent is called mens rea, which refers to a criminal or wrongful purpose. Mens rea is Latin for “guilty mind.” In criminal law, it is viewed as one of the necessary elements of a crime. If a person innocently causes harm, then he/she lacks mens rea. Under this concept, an accused defendant should not be criminally prosecuted if intent can not be established. Bodybuilding supplements, male enhancement pills, and weight loss diet supplements are the three categories of dietary supplements the FDA has alerted the nation about. Companies who sell these are encouraged to implement the following recommendations to reduce their chances of creating risk to consumers purchasing their products. The FDA mentions five trade associations they interface with and dietary supplements companies should investigate joining them. They are the Council for Responsible Nutrition, Natural Products Association, United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), Consumer Healthcare Products Association, and American Herbal Products Association. It is also recommended to bookmark and visit often the websites hosted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, check out the latest meticore real reviews.

For the last few weeks, I’ve eaten more avocados than I have in my entire life. I’ve eaten cauliflower in ways that were prepared without involving cheese sauce or a tub of Ranch dressing. I’ve learned how to cook a mean steak and fry some chicken (in almond flour and pork rinds!). I dominated my birthday dinner at a Mongolian grill restaurant, which involved two gigantic bowls of meat and vegetables. We found out that Smashburger is a pretty good alternative when you’re in somewhat of a hurry. They brought our burgers (minus the bun!) out to us on platters and they were plated nicely!

I’ve cheated, mainly with beer. And I definitely saw the effect of it and trying to get myself re-adjusted, but I knew that was going to happen when I decided to have one or two or three. There have been other temptations for sure, but I still trying to improve my fitness condition with exercises and the use of supplements like 21andarine that really help improving the physical condition.

Non-scale related victories: I’m sleeping better. I can tuck my shirt into my pants without feeling like I’m going to suffocate. I’m wearing some of Amelia’s hand-me-downs. I’ve realized that I was probably a much more emotional eater than I thought I was, which I’m super proud that I figured out. We’re eating whole foods – meat, cheese, vegetables – and we can fly through the grocery store like crazy because we don’t have to go up and down every aisle.

We decided we were going to come up with a reward once we’d lost a combined 25 pounds. Here we are and we have no idea what how to reward ourselves. I think we’d questioned if we were going to actually do it and here it is!


our new low carb eating habits

(Note: Please understand we’ve done a high level of research about modifying our diet in this fashion. I know this type of diet isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. However, I would prefer that you – my awesome readers – trust that I wouldn’t do something without reading so much about it my brain hurts, monitoring more than just my weight and using a variety of different support tools out there. I ain’t no dummy. And yes, we keep carbs in the house for The Kid. We know there are differing opinions on every type of eating pattern and that’s also okay. Some things work for other people and some don’t.)

Amelia and I started in with this new low-carb phase last Monday. In one whole week, I’ve had fewer carbs than I would normally eat in a day, with many of those days involving takeout or drive-thrus, or something equally as unhealthy. A week for both of us to stick to something like this without “cheating” is a first. Following irregular and unhealthy diets can lead to erectile problems, if that’s your case read the following cannabishealthinsider article.

And it hasn’t been easy for me! This happened Wednesday at work:

I'm so into the low carb thing that these damn chocolate cupcakes are DEAD to me. #meatandcheese4lyf

Don’t worry. I skipped out on chocolate cupcakes, because meat and cheese trays are AWESOME.

Without even sharing how much weight I’ve lost so far, I can tell you that I’m sleeping better (as in through the night), haven’t had a day where I feel like I might fall asleep without a sugar rush or caffeine break and have been able to focus quite a bit better at work and at home.

We had one meal out this past week, which was for Sophia’s 5th birthday. I got a chef salad and DOMINATED that thing and Amelia got a burger, no bun. I’m not going to lie. I had a bite of birthday cake and it was fine. I figured it would be like some gateway drug causing me to run over to this adorable Little Mermaid cake and just smash my face into it, but it didn’t. I feel like it was probably enough to satiate whatever “sugar need” I was feeling at the time.

Also, we’ve been cooking like a beast! New things we’ve made just in this past week include:

  • Mashed Cauliflower – we’ve actually had this twice and it’s becoming a regular side dish for us
  • Cream Cheese Pancakes – this was Saturday morning’s breakfast and it was fabulous
  • No Carb Pizza – not a fan of this recipe, but we have some ideas to shake it up a bit if we try it again

And tonight, I’m making Chicken Cordon Blue. Amelia had a field day yesterday, coming up with recipes for mini-breakfast quiches and delicious stir fry for dinner. The stir fry was better than the stuff we used to eat before, stacked with rice and a ton of teriyaki sauce.

Our grocery trips have included hardly anything processed – artificial sweetener, sugar free coffee creamer and salad dressing are the only things we have to dig through the grocery store for.

I feel really good about this change. I’ve seen changes after just a week and I haven’t felt the need to just cheat one little bit, like I did when I’ve been on strict calorie counting diets. I’m thirsty often and the only thing that quenches my thirst is water (and my morning Powerade Zero).

I’d promise not to get too preachy about it and post about it all the time, but that’s just how I get super stoked into something. You know that by now.