2nd kid research – part 1

I clearly know everything there is to know about parenting already since I have a kid that’s going to turn three in November. I’ve only called poison control once, he’s never broken any bones and his swear word of choice is “what the Sam Hill”. Parent. Of. The Year. Mail my award anytime. This second one will be a breeze.

Totes kidding.

The last time we had to worry about a car seat fitting into a car was before Ozzy was born. We knew we’d be buying a second car before he was born. Logically, we would have bought the car and then picked out the car seat. But I love a good deal and there was a sale, some coupons, some gift cards and Cartwheel that led us the opposite direction. That meant we towed that damn seat to every car dealership we visited and it was a lot. After awkward test drives in several different cards, we ended up buying the first one we test drove anyway.

Now we have two cars which aren’t going anywhere for a while as long as Danger the Pontiac Vibe doesn’t fall apart in the next couple of years. And now we need an extra car seat. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to drive both cars to all the car seat stores and try them all out because that is the opposite of efficiency and I don’t have time in my life right now to be inefficient. And apparently both of these kids need to be appropriately restrained since it’s not the 80s where they can be bouncing around in the back of a full-size truck when they’re on a family vacation from Sedalia, Missouri, to Nashville, Tennessee.
Not speaking from experience at all…

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I was kind of stressing out about making sure we get the right second seat for both of our cars because I’m sure I’ll like this second baby as much as I do the first one. I finally remembered how much value I ended up finding about three years ago in the car seat safety checks on cars.com. My wife’s much more aware on the safety aspect of these things. (I should still be Parent of the Year, you guys. C’mon.) We also know we need to fit two seats in the back row because we don’t have a third row in either of our cars. It was super handy for us last time around and I’m already relieved that we can use it again this year. It’s not a perfect science, but it definitely helps us narrow down which kinds of seats we might need to get for this new kiddo.

I’m sharing because BABIES ARE HARD. I know you, esteemed reader, didn’t ask for my advice and that’s okay. You didn’t have to read this far. Plus, it’s not like I crawled up on your Facebook wall and offered my advice without you asking for it. Not that I’m speaking on personal experience from that one!

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