things that are new for us

Once a month. This is how this is happening around here right now, but I feel drawn to at least keep that habit up. I write in my head all the time, but I don’t want anyone up there but me.

And, really, I don’t even want to be there sometimes.

Here’s what’s new with me and those around me:

  • The newest addition to our family has been cooking for 18 weeks. We found out current male/female status, but are waiting for an Etsy order to arrive before we got all cutesy about it. We already told our immediate family, so I literally spent $40 on Etsy just for cutesy social media photos for this baby. That means you all better LOVE IT or at least pretend to love it.
  • I started HR blogging. I don’t know, you guys. It just happened. I’m on just about the same monthly post status as I am here, so I wouldn’t get too excited. But if you’re totally into nerdy HR stuff, I GOT YOU, BOO.
  • My wife started her new job this week. Huge shift for our fam and we’re still adjusting, but I think we’re gonna make it. And then we’ll shift again when the tiniest Berry baby arrives, but that’s a while off yet.
  • Oz and I went to Missouri again. He wasn’t quite as much of a champ on the drive down as he was back in May, mainly because he was not interested in napping and the second he napped was right about the same time I needed to stop and get gas. This kid loves his family so much and they love him. It’s precious to watch.
  • Good news is that we haven’t been to the emergency room yet with Daredevil Oz, despite the fact that he’s trying to stand on the seat of his bike to ride it over to the basketball hoop just so he can slam dunk his ball. We’ll see how this one ends.
  • Uh… that’s it.

We’re not action packed over here right now. We’re doing adult shit and being grownup and trying to avoid hiring someone to come clean out our gutters, but I’m pretty sure there’s a tree growing in one of them. Does anyone have a gigantic ladder we can borrow?




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