the greatest thing about a year ago today

One year ago today, probably almost down to the exact minute, Amelia called me to let me know that a blood test at the clinic confirmed the same thing that multiple brands and types of home pregnancy tests had told us the day before: ALL SYSTEMS POINT TO BABY.

Our friends Justin and Megan found out first, because Amelia got the call from the clinic when she was visiting baby Ayla, who was only a few days home from the hospital. Justin was buying a Womb Music heartbeat monitor and some other baby stuff and had to remind Amelia that she should probably call me. (Thanks, dude!) I told anybody and everybody that would listen. It was one of my favorite co-worker’s first days there, so I’m sure that was a cool “get to know you” think on her first day!

Every single day since then, I’ve done nothing but think about how amazing my son is.

Even on his derpy days.

When we went into this process, we knew we had four shots at this whole process that our insurance would mostly cover. We worked incredibly hard to make sure we had the money in savings we’d need to pay our portion of those four chances. If those didn’t work… Well, we just didn’t really think of that. We just didn’t expect to work the first time.

My boss calls him a gift. And he is. In so many ways. For 365 days, I’ve thought the same thing.

To wipe out the sap and the mush, I will share that my wife dressed him in this outfit for me to take him to his infant massage class is the cushiest suburb of all. Pretty sure Grayson’s dad was jealous that his hairy baby didn’t have the same onesie:

I’m just hoping this baby of mine didn’t catch Cake Eater Disease while we were there.

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