a rundown of my january 25ths for the past 8 years

  • 2007: I had the flu.
  • 2008: Apartment-shopping to finally move from the suburbs into the city.
  • 2009: We were having dinner at a friend’s house.
  • 2010: I got a pair of brand new sneakers for $20 and was very excited about it.
  • 2011: I’d forgotten how to blog about anything.
  • 2012: I was in the middle of loving Drake and packing to move into our current house. We were fostering our last set of puppies.
  • 2013: Again with the forgetting the blog thing. I did manage to take a picture of some pals at happy hour.
  • 2014: Amelia and I saw The Dan Band in Minneapolis. Highly recommended, by the way.
  • 2015: I had a headache until about 3pm, am nursing what I’m scared might be a torn rotator cuff and went grocery shopping with my wife and 11 week old baby.

Thanks to TimeHop, I noticed late last week that about one year go today is when, holy shit, our lives were just about to get a whole lot more crazy. And, of course, all that was for the better. This 13 pound, 25 inch little ball of drool that just turned 11 weeks old last week has definitely changed my life and, thanks to him, I don’t think I’ll ever look at anything in the same light again.

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