mucho pina, no bebe

That DuoLingo is really paying off, huh?

Monday’s this baby boy’s official due date. Much like the papers we were given at the midwife’s office, we’re very aware that’s not an official due date and more of an estimated time of arrival. And, really, if he’s anything like this mom, he’ll show up late. But because multiple medical professionals have pointed out that he’s very large, we’ve been trying to get this guy going sooner rather than later. We have tried the following in an effort to induce labor:

  • eating pineapple
  • walking
  • sniffing cinnamon
  • drinking root beer
  • evening primrose oil
  • raspberry leaf tea
  • acupuncture
  • three different kinds of spicy food

Result: no baby. One of the biggest things we learned in our baby prep class was that there’s never been a baby that HASN’T come out. So, we’re just hanging out and waiting for him to wrap up whatever projects he has going on in there, tie up loose ends, all that jazz. We’re ready for him to get here.

We’ve kept busy with applications, fairs and tours for the 17 year old’s entrance into college next year. Shit, that’s a process. You’d think those schools would work their scholarship deadline schedule around this baby’s due date to make things a little easier for us, but noooooooo. So, we’re plugging away with that, too.

30 days in November, 30 days of blog posts? I’m going to give it a try, but I’m pretty sure I’ve barely posted 30 times all year. I love unrealistic goal-setting!


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