what’s happening at 37 weeks?

I’ll tell you what’s happening at 37 weeks of pregnancy for the non-pregnant partner in your relationship. They’re going increasingly impatient and yet still feel incredibly unprepared for this baby to get here. They’re VERY excited about finally meeting the baby, but they’re honestly concerned they’re not going to be able to support their pregnant partner as much as they should during the whole birthing process. Wait. Is that just me?

What’s happening with the baby? He’s considered full-term and could be born “any day” now. He’s full of crap. No, he seriously is. He’s gaining a half pound a week, but our baby is probably doubling that. He is an overachiever after all. I’m assuming he’s planning out what he’ll be doing for the next 18 years, too.

We met with a new midwife on Friday. She’s part of the huge collaborative of midwives at the new place where this guy will be born. The appointment went pretty well. She advised us against getting another ultrasound (which we were fine with), because when babies start showing up as weighing more than 5000 grams (which is over 11 pounds), the doctors that make the rules start saying it’s important for mamas to have C-sections. You know what my wife doesn’t want? A C-section. If it’s medically necessary, sure. If it’s not, totally not interested and may just give birth in our backyard. Amelia (and by default, I guess, the baby) are measuring at about 42.5 weeks now, so there’s a good chance he would have been above that 5000 grams mark.

We’ve hit the part of the program where we’re visiting with the midwife every week. We have to talk about induction in a couple of weeks, based solely on the fact that he’s measuring as a big baby, but they won’t actually do it until 41 weeks unless there’s a true medical need. And if that’s the case, then that means the absolute latest this guy will be making his appearance will be on or around November 10th. Either way, it’s less than four weeks at this point.

We’re keeping ourselves busy. Like literally planning something every day until he gets here. Might seem extreme, but if we just sit around and look at him trying to run a marathon in Amelia’s belly (which he does regularly), then we’re gonna drive ourselves crazy. Speaking of marathons, that might induce labor, huh?

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