registries and insurance and showers and whatnot

The insurance snafu we’re running into with where Amelia will get to deliver Little Man has put a kink into our EVERYTHING IS SO EASY plan. Seriously? Everything really has been incredibly easy once the little brat decided to show us his heartbeat. I guess we were due for a mishap and my wife’s being a champ about her alternatives, but I’m completely willing to complete insurance fraud (THIS IS A JOKE, check the most affordable auto insurance) in order to be able to keep with our current provider. It’s just likely not going to happen and she’s going to have to have this little nugget somewhere than then place we’ve been having our prenatal appointments up to this point. Amelia may be just conjuring up some type of a plan so she can have him at home under the tree in the backyard now that I think about it.

At this point, this guy is just about done 26 weeks of time in the womb. In fact, we’re now down to the 100 day countdown. I told a co-worker yesterday that just saying “100 days” seems infinitely more real than “28 weeks” or “5 months” or any other type of date. And, yes, Janice, it does seem crazy real right now.

This weekend, we painted his room. It’s a color called seal and it looks really great. At some point, I’ll have a picture or 409 of it, once we get his dressers and curtains up. I just have to do one final look over it tonight to make sure it doesn’t need more touching up. Like I told Amelia, I’m a terrible painter. I’m more about speed than quality, which explains why she did the final coat last night. She’s busy putting together his big dresser/changing table now, so I might have to do the final coat myself tonight.

Jenni and Shawn are scheming together for our baby shower, which is August 23rd. The funny thing about that date is that on August 23 of 2013, we were having our wedding rehearsal dinner in our backyard and getting married the next day. I’d say we’re efficient.

We finally completed our baby shower registries, which was no easy task. We’d started a Babies ‘R Us one about two weeks after we were confirmed pregnant, but were terrible at it. And we’d started a Target registry, but then deleted it when Amelia was boycotting them for letting douchebags carry semi-automatic weapons down the aisles. It was a Friday and Saturday night full of domestic fun.

Target was a cluster. We got there and they were very excited to tell us that they were a new pilot store where you could use iPads to register. And then they were not excited to tell us that none of them were working. They suggested we use the Target app on my phone to register. I had 14% battery left and we managed to register for over 40 things in that 14% of battery life. It resulted in a lot of swearing on my part (because I’m always so insistent on being the barcode shooter!) and lots of talking me off the ledge from my much more even-keeled wife. We ended up adding a few more things online and the Target registry here, without adding anything like gummy bears, which we added to our wedding registry and never got, dammit. And then we both signed up for Target Red Cards, because I have a feeling we’ll be shopping there for baby stuff in the future and why not save 5% extra, right?

And then on Saturday, we went to Babies ‘R Us to register for ALL THE THINGS. Now, mind you, between my amazing mother-in-law and I, and already a couple of friends, this little man has a solid start on clothing. He has his crib and dressers and a co-sleeper and his mama has purchased ALL OF THE CLOTH DIAPERS. When we got there, they told us if we registered for 120 things, we’d get entered into a drawing and by registering for 240 items, we could have TWO ENTRIES. The thing is… that’s a lot of shit. There are only so many pacifiers and washcloths you can register for before you just give up on the potential of getting two entries into a damn drawing. We conquered major battles of a car seat and a stroller. How in the hell is that such a hard decision? The BRU employee was not crazy that we decided to go with a convertible car seat, which obviously was important to us SINCE IT’S HER BABY AND ALL. We did what we could, but only managed to get up to 134 items and I’m pretty sure even that was overkill.

Our final registry has been ongoing, mainly because of the books: Amazon. Duh. We just loved the accessibility of books with Amazon about kids with same-sex parents and families of different color. And also the headphones that he can wear when we take him to Lynx games next summer were a big seller for us, too. They’ll go perfect with this onesie that I’ve already purchased for him:


And then, yes, 99 days. Granted, our friends Missy and Joe had their little boy several weeks earlier than planned. The little man, which will totally be one of our boy’s BFFs, is doing pretty darn good and will be coming home soon. It was just enough to put it in perspective for us that if he wants to come early, he will. I’m okay with any date – just not Halloween – as long as he’s healthy.

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