excellent versus awesome

I’m an over-user of words. Mainly, words like awesome or perfect or dude. All three very important words that I think everyone should use all the time. They make conversations so much more fun.

The other day, when editing a co-worker’s email, I automatically wanted to put the word AWESOME in it, but it had something to do about retirement plans and didn’t seem like quite the content that would have used awesome as a descriptor word. Maybe some people would disagree, but they weren’t the ones proofreading the email now, were they?

Sometimes, I arbitrarily type awesome into Google. I can’t explain why. I just like to do it from time to time. This time around, I found this:


Why, yes, that is a graph of how popular the word awesome has become. I’m not surprised. I can’t imagine Susan B. Anthony using the word awesome to describe any of the anti-slavery movement work she did in the 1850s. I could be wrong. Maybe Helen Keller would have used it, if only there were a sign for it, you know? It looks like it really started taking off right around the time Sandra Day O’Connor turned 25 and her car insurance went down, which is definitely something I would use awesome to describe.

Google suggested that excellent was a prime synonym for awesome and probably a little more appropriate for emails around the workplace.

Popularity of excellent since Sojourner Truth was born:


And I have to tell you, I’m disappointed. I full on expected a gigantic spike in 1989 on usage of the word excellent. Why?

You’re welcome.

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