headed to new york city, but where else should we go?

Amelia and I are joining three other friends for a little late summer vacation to New York City. It materialized over Facebook one afternoon when Jenni mentioned seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, since it was starring Neil Patrick Harris. Next thing I know, we have tickets to the show purchased and we’re now just waiting for airfare not to be insanely stupid. For the wife and I, we’re calling it a post-community college graduation party, pre-baby trip. When we planned it, I don’t think we were even pregnant yet. Oops. But she’s a trooper and says she doesn’t mind traipsing along the east coast while seven months pregnant.

We’re for sure going to New York City for a couple of days, perhaps more. Amelia’s never been to the east coast. I’ve been to Newark and Boston twice each and New York once. So, my question to you east coast dwellers and regular visitors, where else should we go? Do you have specific landmarks we must see or our lives will not be complete? I don’t think we’re talking a week on the east coast or anything, but maybe a couple of days before or after our weekend in New York City.

Some things we’ve talked about:

  • Driving up to Boston
  • Driving over to Philly
  • Hitting up Atlantic City
  • Flying one way into New York City and then just picking some other city to fly out of and road trip it there

And then of course we’ve talked about just spending the whole time in New York, which poses the question of what’ s a must do there?

  • Liberty vs. Fever game the weekend we’re there?
  • Central Park is a must visit
  • Not Yankee Stadium. I don’t want to catch douchebag while I’m there.
  • And I know all the lists of things I can look at – I just like personal recommendations!

Also, I really like opinions!


  1. I’d say go to Philly if you’re wanting to hit another city. It’s a lot of fun. Or take Amtrak upstate to the Catskills and the Hudson River Valley. The ride along the Hudson River is beautiful, and there’s lots to do there. Jersey shore?

    I’m assuming that, since Jenni’s going and because your wife’s pregnant, you’ll be visiting Milk Bar, right? My favorite parts of NYC when I was there were the Park Slope and Williamsburg neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Coney Island, and the East Village (Milk Bar and Momofuku are there, along with lots of good little bars and places to hang out and people-watch.).

  2. Pam

    I love NYC so I’m all for staying there the entire time! Some things that are fun:
    1. Central park (of course)

    2. Metropolitan Museum of Art (you can walk through cool parts of CP to get there)

    3. Top of the Rock (more modern than the Empire State Building – fast elevators, less lines)

    4. See another show

    5. New York Public Library

    6. Take the silly tourist hop-on/hop-off tours. You drive by a ton of stuff and if you want to get off the bus at something interesting (like Chinatown), you spend whatever time you want to spend there and then get on the next bus. My mom wanted to do it and I thought it was stupid but it ended up being a lot of fun. It was $40 for the midtown/financial district part. Next time my mom & I go we are going to take the tour again.

    7. Visit ground zero memorial. Bring tissue. I saw the temporary memorial and it broke my heart.

    8. Speaking of Chinatown, bring cash and you can get all kinds of stuff for cheap (bargain them down). If you don’t care about how knock offs are created – you can get knock off designer purses. The purses you see in the front of the shops aren’t the good ones, there is usually a secret door in the back of the shop where you have to ask for a certain designer (Prada, Coach, Gucci) and they push you into the secret room and lock you in until you decide to buy or not. ITS SO FUN! If you see ladies carrying around garbage bags, it usually full of knock off purses. You can also get knock off Tiffany’s stuff there too.

    9. From Canal Street in Chinatown make a left to go up Mulberry st in Little Italy and have lunch there. Anywhere. Amazing food. They also have tables of rosaries and cannoli to buy :)

    10. Statue of Liberty (Never been but next trip – yes!)

    11. Grey’s Papaya for Hot Dogs. I think its in Hell’s Kitchen.

    12. Don’t buy breakfast anywhere – you’ll pay 20/person for crap. Go to a convenience store and you can usually get bagels and whatever toasted for less than $5.

    13. John’s Pizzeria on 44th is really good.

    14. Juniors near broadway is good – they are known for their cheesecake but I liked their food as well.

    15. Lindy’s cheesecake is great but their food is not great and overpriced.

    16. Ellen’s Stardust Diner has really good food (burgers) and the waitstaff sing. Its a cute place and open until midnight. Near David Letterman.

    17. If you must go to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes, then do so but you have to get there hours ahead of time to stand in line and if you need to use the restroom, you can’t be in a hurry. It’s AWFUL. I went there at Christmas and will never go there again. (I speak of this only because Amelia will be 7 months along)

    5. Apple store, disney store and tiffany’s on 5th avenue!

    Ok…that is off the top of my head for NYC.

    If you are looking for another city to try – Philadelphia is about an hour away by train. So you could fly into Philly or NYC, take the train to the other city and then fly out.

    Philadelphia is really interesting if you are into history – We did the downtown part in one day, but at 7 months pregnant, you might want to take 2 days. It’s a ton of walking and it will be humid. Driving in downtown is tricky as the lanes really are 1.5 cars across but they manage to accommodate two lanes. I spent about 20 minutes just trying to figure out the roundabout. You don’t really need a car to do downtown but if you wanted to drive out to amish country, the Ben Franklin art museum or the zoo – you would need a car.

    I will let you get back to your life now. lol. I can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  3. Robin – I might make out with David Chang, and Matt would be OK with it. I don’t think Momofuku is super veg-friendly, but we’ll check it out. Definitely visiting the Milk Bar – we had Crack Pie at our wedding!

  4. Michele B

    You know, DC is only 3 hours away – and you could have an AWESOME host in the way of my man-child. He could even have you stay on base in one of the base hotels – VERY NICE and extremely cheap! you’d have to rent a car, but there is SO much to see!!! (Not all of it political!)

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