the balance of emotion and reality with this little creature

The phrases “Hey, honey, we’re having a baby” and “HOLY SHIT, BABY” are pretty regularly said at our house right now. Of course my wife says the former and I yell (hence the caps) the latter.

I can count three times I’ve teared up… I mean, three times that something’s gotten into my eye.

Once was at Babies ‘R Us when I saw the book I Love You, Stinky Face. I think the combination of me actually being fully responsible for a child finally hit me like a ton of bricks, but it was a ton of really great bricks. And then I was completely annoyed by the number of baby bathtub options. My brother and I got baths in the sink! What’s with the duck-shaped Moses baskets that you set in a regular bathtub? Babies float, don’t they?

The second time was at the reproductive center when we saw our tiny little alien baby and heard its water-muffled heartbeat. There’s an actual forming baby in there. That’s ours to keep! I’ve never felt that level of emotion in my entire life in any capacity. 164 beats per minute pounding through a two sacs and a uterus is the best sound in the world. I’d make it my ring tone if I could.

The third time was yesterday. At Costco. We have a tentative girl’s name picked out, one that’s different than the one that was part of the universe’s sign. We both love it. I’ve been trying to find ways to make fun of it and can’t really think of a way that would be detrimental to a kid’s life. I mean, there’s obvious ways, but if a mean kid can’t come up with something more creative than that, they’re an idiot. We were looking at the baby clothes at Costco and I got all weepy when I saw one of those little baby outfit things that was adorable, because I was like, “Oh! This could totally be (insert baby’s name here)”.

And I’m not even the pregnant one with five billion hormone things happening.

However, I can balance all that emotion and mushy stuff with this, a picture of our fetus at 9 weeks:

You’re creepy looking, little baby!

I love seeing the progress as this kid grows, but I’ll be much less creeped out when there’s no webbed toes and it no longer resembles a dinosaur.

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