now this little cell ball is growing

ruler_0_10_millimeterMy new favorite week-by-week countdown of what this little baby is doing just let me know this little cell ball is a millimeter long. What other things are one millimeter long? A grain of salt. It’s about the thickness of your driver’s license. And it’s about the height of 10 pieces of paper stacked on stop of each other. We’ve got a lot of growing to do!

We got our first Congratulations card from my co-workers, the day after we found out. If they’re not a group full of awesome individuals, I don’t know what else I’d call them. They already know I’ll be missing work in November and they don’t even bat an eye at the two ladies making a baby thing.

Tomorrow, we go into our clinic’s office again for another blood test for Amelia. They’re measuring her HCG, which is a hormone that pregnant ladies get. It grows like a weed the during the first trimester, so tomorrow, we’re hoping to see that it’s doubled from last Monday. On Monday, it was 156, so anything over 300 would be grand. I’m only sharing these things, because they’re new to me, too.

And then tomorrow, if it’s doubled like we want it to be, we wait until a six week scan, where they’ll do an ultrasound at the reproductive clinic. And we don’t really know what happens after that. I would assume we just have the baby 7.5 months later, but I think there’s some more steps to go before it has things like a brain, organs and fingernails.

I’m really excited, you guys, but for some reason, I feel like I’m still in shock. Amelia shares all of the physical things she’s experiencing, which I really do appreciate, and am pretty sure she’s never described a pinching in her uterus before, so I have no doubt that there’s something alive in there. I don’t know. It could also be a baby possum, I guess.

Still have the baby girl feelings, which has me dry heaving at all the princess crap out there. They didn’t have that when I was a kid, so why is it all over the place now?

Is it weird that we’re talking all about it at only four weeks? People don’t usually do that, huh? Well, whatevs. It’s our baby, so we get to talk about it however and whenever we want.

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