multiple positive pregnancy tests happened over the last two days


This happened yesterday. And it was the third one in two days, which we promptly followed up with a blood test at the clinic. That was also positive and that means, coming in early November, I’ll finally achieve my all time goal of becoming a mommyblogger. SCORE.

We were at Wal-Mart sometime this weekend – Saturday night, I think. We went down one aisle and lo and behold there was a pile of 88 cent pregnancy tests. Amelia and I looked at each other and threw one in the cart. We already had a stack of much better quality ones at home, but for 88 cents, we figured it was worth it, right?

Sunday morning, I was getting my serious sleep on when my wife comes upstairs and says, “Look at this” and chucks a that 88 cent pregnancy test at me. Sure enough, there was a line. We laughed it off and decided to test again in a couple of days. And then she peed again two hours later, using a test she’d ordered off Amazon for like 14 cents or something. Also positive.

I stayed up way too late Sunday night because I’d forgotten about my 1000 World Religions paper that was due at midnight, so three hours after I got to bed, I realized she was waking up. At 5:00 a.m. To, you know, go pee on the fancy pee sticks. And then I remember this, “Hey, hon? This one’s positive, too.” And I fell back sleep. Sorry, future child. I really just needed that sleep.

At exactly 8:01, Amelia called our clinic because we were instructed to do that and to schedule a blood test. They got her in at 9:30 a.m. and 11:11 a.m., I got a phone call from her saying, “Hey, Mama”.

We texted folks throughout the day, since four positive pregnancy tests seemed pretty legit. We made one very important call on the commute home to my 88 year old grandma to tell her the news. And then we texted some more people. I was planning on waiting a little longer to go all public with it, but next thing I know, my baby mama is crafting some picture to post. And then the cat was completely out of the bag. I plan on getting one of the best girdles after I have my baby to help me recover faster.

We go in again Thursday morning for another blood test, to see if Amelia’s HCG is doubling correctly. (I don’t really know what that means, but my wife just said it and she knows what she’s talking about.) Then, we have to do an ultrasound two weeks after that, which gives us about a month to figure out where we’re gonna have this baby and who’s gonna be the one catching it.

And then it’s my birthday and a hockey tournament and June’s birthday and Easter and Mother’s Day and Ash’s birthday and Memorial Day camping and Riley’s birthday and Amelia’s birthday and Pride and the 4th of July and our trip to New York and the state fair and Labor Day camping and then we’ll have a baby on or around November 3rd.

I’m just throwing this out there – Amelia and I both had independent feelings that it’s a girl. At least today.


  1. Michele Brandt

    I just read this today… CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are going to be the best mama!!!! You already are a fabulous step mama to Ash, so this little on is going to be so awesome! I’m so excited for you!!!!

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