who wouldn’t want to jump in a frozen pond at that temperature

I used to be a gigantic proponent and hugely involved with that big ol’ charity walk for breast cancer that involved walking 60 miles in three days. Some of the memories I have from the six years I spent involved in the event are fantastic. I met some really fantastic people, challenged myself physically, raised a hell of a lot of money and even shaved my head. Since walking away from that, I’ve had a hard time finding something else that I want to dedicate myself to just as much. There’s plenty of causes out there that I believe passionately in, but there’s just something else about doing something to create more awareness to a particular charity or organization.

When I interviewed at my current job, they asked me how much I was involved with community events at my old job. My answer? Uhh… So, when over 100 people at my current gig signed up to jump in frozen lakes across the state for the Special Olympics’ Polar Plunge, I jumped on that really cold bandwagon. I mean, why not, right? What’s a few minutes in Lake Calhoun on March 1st, following what’s apparently been one of the coldest winters Minnesota has had in the last five billion hundred years?

And you know what happened today? I looked at the 10 day forecast. (Cue really sad noises right there.)


Looks like March 1st is going to be a tad chilly, no? Jumping in a lake at 11:15 am when the low the night before is -9 degrees? I bet goosebumps will be involved.

Amelia is working on my costume. The group I’m jumping with is dressing as superheroes and my color of choice was yellow. And then I found SOLID GOLD fabric at the store and promptly switched my colors up. I’m excited about it! Pretty sure I’ll pee my pants from cold, but, hey, it’ll just warm things up in my wet pants, right?

If you’re so inclined, please feel free to donate! I’m leading the way in donations among my team, but would love to hit the $400 mark! My original goal of $200 was taken care of pretty quickly thanks to some really awesome people in my life that apparently think it’d be a great idea to see me do this little stunt. Here’s the link where you can donate.

In the grand scheme of things, this should probably be less terrifying than jumping off a very tall building in Vegas, right?

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