i don’t know what to share about quite possibly the biggest thing in my life

Oh. Boy. See, if you know me either in the actual physical sense if just online, you’ve probably realized that I don’t keep much secret. I have a big mouth. I like to talk about myself. I love sharing and I love feedback. Blogs and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram were made for someone exactly like me. And up until this very second I time, I’ve been cool with that.

I remain unfiltered for the most part, but know not to be an idiot and talk too much about work stuff. There was that one time where I nicknamed a co-worker Fake Tits but they were totally fake, so I don’t know what the big deal was! (She got a nose job, too, for those that remember those days.) Aside from that, I’m not a total moron and realize that things live forever (ever, ever, ever) on the internets. But things are a liiiiiiittle bit different now.

The thing is we’re working on having a baby. Since we’re both ladies, it’s not like it’s as easy as straight couples. And if we were in a straight relationship, I wouldn’t be all like – we totally did it last night to try to make this baby, because, ew, gross. For us, we have to make all these appointments and pay for things like shots and drugs and, you know, sperm. There’s a lot of planning and a hell of a lot more things we have to do. I’m not complaining, because I get it. It’s just not as easy as the ol’ horizontal mambo thing.

And it brings me to something that’s literally been plaguing my thoughts for the last month. How much do I share? Do I share that we’re going to be ordering sperm this week? Or that we had an ultrasound last week to make sure everything was good to go? I guess I just shared that, but this is the first time in a long while that I’ve thought something might be too personal to share. But on the other hand, if it’s something someone doesn’t want to read, they don’t have to, right?

Amelia’s not huge on keeping things “secret”. I totally get her point. We’ve both lived our life pretty outwardly when it comes to the internet. I’ve never felt like I’ve wanted to tone something down until now. It’s weird because once we have a baby, I’m know I’m going to be like – THIS BABY JUST PEED and I THINK MY THREE DAY OLD BABY JUST SAID ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.

Even posting on Facebook seems too much for me. I feel like I’m apologizing even though I know I don’t have to, which is weird. I guess it’s more of a request of privacy. I’ll get it figured out on what we’re comfortable with as a family. And until then, if you want more information than what we’re sharing, you can by all means email me or text me or whatever. Just don’t take it personally and don’t get offended if I’m not ready to share a lot. This is a huge thing for my family and I and we need to figure out what’s best for us before we go cuh-razy on the internet with it.

And in the words of the immortal Uncle Jesse, capicé?


  1. You made me start a blog so you could be kept up to the minute on every movement made by 3-month-old CJ. Therefor I require the same the the lil’ Berry. Short of mucus plugs. I’ve gone a decade without thinking about mucus plugs and would like to keep it that way.

  2. ” I THINK MY THREE DAY OLD BABY JUST SAID ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.” First, I love that you know that word and since you do, they actually might.

    No need to be apologetic. It’s your life and your site. If you are worried about saying it because of what WE think? Eff us. Say what you want to say.If you’re worried about saying it because it feels too personal to share, you’re under no obligation to do so.

    Do you, boo.

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