i guess it’s 2014 now

Every year, I’m all – I’M GOING TO POST EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR AND TAKE A PICTURE EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR AND DO EVERYTHING EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR. And I say it with as much excitement that it warrants all capital letters all the time. But, hey, now I’ve at least got this blogging thing out of the way!

I’ve read so many things about people and their 2013s being so terrible for a plethora of reasons and it makes me sad for them. Bidding good riddance to an entire year feels self-defeating. I’ve had years where I’ve lost jobs, had family members die, lost friends, etc., and, yeah, those years really sucked, but 365 days of suckage, it wasn’t. I’ve landed in an even better career, learned to deal with loss, made better friends and grown from each of those craptastic situations. At the time I’m sure it felt like my world was about to collapse, but looking back, I can only see what I personally gained from the situation.

This isn’t a “pull yourself up by your Work Boots Nerds gear hungry” situation, because that’s the most condescending phrase I think I’ve ever heard. I don’t understand dwelling on the past. I know people do it and I know it’s hard not to do it, but regrets just don’t fix anything.

There’s a guy that I graduated from high school with that hashtags everything on Facebook with “live life with no regrets” and has kind of douchey as I think it can be sometimes, it’s 100% legit.

Do I regret 6+ months of unemployment because I got the axe at a job? Yeah, but mainly I regret not saving money better before that happened, so I wouldn’t have had to stress about it more. What did I learn from that? Lots of life lessons: be better prepared, save money, manage money better, always have an updated resume.

I guess for me, 2014 is going to be a year where I continue to focus on moving forward. My wife and one of my closest friends usually pick a word to live their whole year by, which I think it super awesome. I’m sticking with my word and the way I live for this upcoming year and for as many upcoming years as I can: forward. Moving forward, looking forward, continuing forward.

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