what i’ve learned about my first group project

I made it into my second semester of school before I landed my first group project in my Intercultural Communications class. Great, great class and I’m so glad the group project came at the end of the semester. Otherwise, I would have lost my mind and probably dropped out of school. Again.

We were assigned a group of five people, all of us who decided we want to do our project on a culture in Asia. Easy enough, right? From the get go, there were three of us that were super communicative, very clear and focused on it from the beginning. And, of course, we had two people that disappeared until the last week of the six week long time period we had. That didn’t throw a wrench into anything at all. One had a sudden dental issue and the other one had family drama, some type of illness and overall stupidity strike her during the length of the project.

The three of us that are awesome powered through things and got everything where we needed it to be. I threw everything into a 29 slide PowerPoint and I uploaded it today. I’ll be decently surprised if we don’t get an A on our project, because that PowerPoint was just that good. And now, I’m done with Intercultural Communications.

I’m also done with my Personal & Community Health class and about to wrap up my Foundations of Fitness and Health class. That leaves my least favorite classes left – Human Biology and my Biology Lab class. They’re the only two classes that even have tests at the end of the semester!

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