this winter can go do something to itself

We got our first snow Monday night and, yeah, I knew it was coming and I was cool with it.

Tuesday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment in Edina, which is less than 5 miles from where we live. It took 1.5 hours to get there, making me half an hour late to my appointment. OOPS. Then, when I walked in the door, the receptionist called me sir. Totally makes sense – I mean, I was wearing pants and a knitted winter hat. I called her sir back, because C’MON. My petticoat was dirty.

Then, I headed to work. While on the way to work, I had to exit off onto another road. In the process, my car was all – HEY, CEMENT GUARDRAIL, WANNA HANG OUT? And they met briefly, just long enough for some rubbernecker in a Suburban to drive by and look at me like I did it on purpose. No damage to me, no damage that I could see or find on the car. Gotta thank someone for that.

Got to work. As always, had a pleasant day at work, because nobody made me feel bad for taking time off work to address health needs. Crazy how that works. Really decent commute home from work after it finally stopped snowing. Delicious dinner with the family. Only minor frustrating with homework, because PowerPoint is just about the lamest thing ever.

And then this morning… We had an appointment to get the foster kitten spayed today, so she and I headed out to the car to go there. I tried pulling out of the driveway, but of course the car was stuck. The nice neighbor guy I’ve never talked with was going to come help me push it out and then we realized my rear driver’s side tire was flat. Started to throw the donut tire on, but when I tried taking off the first lug nut, that thing snapped right in half.

So, now I’m waiting for the tow truck (thank you, AAA!) to come take me and Danger the Vibe to Tire’s Plus, where we’ll get a new lug nut. Did you know that they have to remove my frickin’ brakes to do that? Mechanics are starting to get annoyed with me when I ask them why they do things. Look, brah, I like learning. And once we’ve got the lug nut on and I make the tire guys put on my donut, we’re going to get a new tire or two.

Winter and I are not getting along this year. Usually, I tolerate it. At this point, I might defriend it.


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