catching up on 101 things in 1001 days

It’s a good thing that blogging on even a somewhat similar basis wasn’t on my list of 101 things, because, well, if I knew how to spell that noise that comes out of your mouth when you blow a raspberry, I would. Here’s the rundown of what I’ve managed to accomplish:

Have a wedding. Done and dusted. I still need to post a wrap up, sort through pictures, post those and tell you all how awesome everyone that came to our wedding is, but that’s a work in process.

Get a manicure. The wedding was a sure fire way to get that taken care of. Jenni and I got mani/pedis at a place in Uptown where Jenni’s nail tech was trying to get herself invited to the wedding and it almost worked.

Go fishing. Josh and Jumi got us fishing poles at, for our wedding! And conveniently enough, we went camping shortly after that where Josh took Amelia and I out on the river in his boat for some fishing time. Not much luck, but just doing it was so awesome.

Go camping in a new site. Six of us went to Merrick State Park. Perfect location, horribly loud because it was right next to a train track that seriously ran all night long.

See Macklemore live. We saw him at the State Fair with Jenni, Matt, Bill, Katie, Jumi and Josh, but only after being evacuated due to inclement weather. Not much beats seeing one of your wedding songs performed live by it’s original artist.

Build Marshall a cat tower. Kristin and Andy gave us their old one and Marshall loves it. Technically, I built it since it was taken apart, so we could get it into the car. That counts, right?

Join a professional networking association. Work paid for me to join two! Crazy working for a place that believes in, encourages AND pays for joining professional organizations.

Here’s the rest of the list where I’ve only been marginally successful at updating it.


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