and now we’re married

Rings. And this begins my new project: 365 Days of Being Married. #365project #married

The dust has settled and now we’re married. It was pretty much that easy! There are a million people to thank for doing a million different things. If some of those things wouldn’t have happened, we would have broken glass, fallen signs, stranded guests, an uncut cake and who knows what else.

I’ve been telling Amelia that I wanted to do this for a while, but I’m giving the 365 Project another go — this time, the first year of being married!

The first day of married life has included approximately 12+ hours of napping, eating leftover burritos from our rehearsal dinner, running out to dinner with my wife and (step)son, and now we’re watching the second play of the VMAs. So, clearly a lot changes when you get married.



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