our backyard’s weekend of crazy

Aside from the occasional firing up of the grill, mowing it as soon as we lose our small dog in it’s grass and using it as a giant dog toilet, our backyard sees very little action, the most action it got was when the team at http://www.bigfootpestcontrol.com/schaumburg/ did an extermination of all the pests in the backyard. It likes it’s quiet lifestyle and it’s tiny garden that will yield us each one salad. That’s why this weekend’s flurry of activity was a little much for it.

On Saturday, we decided to drop by Shawn and Ani’s neighborhood garage sale to say hi and see if we needed any of their junk. Ash spent the entire time we there plucking away on a pink acoustic guitar that was way to small for him, but I was way happy to see that’s he’s digging his bass lessons that much! After a while, we headed home.

We pulled in our driveway, which goes up to our back fence. I noticed a large white dog with black spots on it milling about inside the backyard. He was essentially peeing on every last blade of grass, as a large male dog is wont to do, which was not cool since we take a lot of pride in our garden, we take good care of it decorate it with flowers and accessories from sites as glowdecoration.com. Amelia approached him from outside the fence to let him sniff her hand, but he was more interested in taking that hand off. Not cool, Rover!

I tried sweet talking him through the fence, but he was done with sweet talking long ago. I kept talking to me and he kept swearing at me in dog language while Amelia called Animal Control to come get the guy. We’d normally walk him around the neighborhood or something to find his home, but neither one of us felt like losing a limb. Ash was going to run around to the front of the house and close the front gate, so he couldn’t get out. Stranger Danger Dog was also not down with that and threw is 100+ pound body at the fence.

I ran down the alley to run around the block and shut the gate while Amelia distracted the dog. I ran into a 12 year old looking girl that looked completely panicked. Turns out it was her dog, so she came to our backyard in full on sprint mode. I gave her an extra leash (Riley’s skull and crossbones leash!) and she told us we should probably get back in the car. WHAT IN THE HELL. We did and sure enough this tiny child grabbed this beast of a dog and walked him down the alley.

Animal Control came by later and I told them the dangly-balled dog found his home. And then a couple hours later, Animal Control called back and asked about the owners of the dog, because apparently there had been a dog bite issue elsewhere in the neighborhood. I ratted out the owners, but felt okay about it because – PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAMN ANIMALS.

And then SUNDAY, we were coming home from a late, late dinner. It was 9:30ish or so and as soon as I got out of the car, I noticed this tall lanky dude running between our house and the neighbor’s. I was all, “HEY!” because I was suddenly invincible and about to make a citizen’s arrest, I guess? About that time, he jumped the fence into our neighbor’s yard. And he’s like, “Sorry, someone’s chasing me”. And I seriously said, “Oh, okay”. Because I was totally cool with him hopping our fence if someone was chasing him. The chaser never came hurdling over the fence, so I kinda thought he might have been, you know, robbing our house.

I walked around to the front of the house and Marshall (the cat) was sitting in the window. I knew nobody was in our house at that point, because Marshall needs to follow people and yell at them if they’re in our house. Our guard cat had done his job for the day.

I miss a month of blogging and I come back to write about things happening in our backyard. That’s not a let down, is it?


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