101 v2 progress for may

For the record, I do think about updating (still can’t say the word “blogging” and take myself seriously) this more than I do, but the thing is I have this new gig that takes up more than 25% of my time during the day, which is what I’d been used to for the past five years. It’s refreshing and it makes me use my brain, both fantastic things. And here’s an update on my latest attempt at 101 things in 1001 days. And here’s what I’ve got taken care of so far:

  • Change the layout of this website. Done. There’s still text to be updated, but that wasn’t part of the deal, so I’m calling it done.
  • Open an account with a credit union. It helps when I work at one. Now, I just have to figure out the easiest way to budget my moolah with both my “big bank” and my credit union.
  • Get a new title at work. (Again.) You know what made that easy? Just getting a new job all together.

And here’s what in progress right about now:

  • Put $10 in savings each time I complete a task on the list. BAM. $30 in the hole.
  • Do the MN Aids Walk again. That’s happening this weekend.
  • Visit 12 new restaurants/bars. (3/10) Been to Burger Jones, Buster’s on 28th, Gastrotruck so far.
  • Officially start school. I start on June 3rd for the summer semester and I already have my schedule set for the fall semester, too. Associate’s Degree could happen by the end of 2014 if I decide I can handle it. Otherwise, I’ll be starting my Bachelor’s at some point in 2015. Finally.

What's up?