greener pastures and all that

Leaving work

I will definitely miss that view.

Earlier this month, I put in a four week notice to my current company. It was in the top three list of scariest things I’ve done in the past five years, which also includes jumping off of a perfectly good building and proposing. April 24th will be my last day here (yes, I’m blogging from work) and then on April 29th, I start my new career as a recruiter of some sort (job title: TBD) at a new company over in St. Paul with slightly better pay, infinitely better health insurance options and tuition reimbursement. It’s a farther commute, but the pros definitely outweighed the cons in my handy Excel spreadsheet I made.

April 30th would have marked five years here and it’s truly been the best job of my life (next to Taco Bell, duh). I’ve learned so much being in this position and in the HR field. Who I’d wind up seriously excelling in a career where you have to be all official and appropriate 90% of the time?

My CEO has been a champion for me since day one, pushing me to where it’s uncomfortable and then pushing a little more because has had more confidence in my leadership skills than I have. It’s not everywhere that you can sit down across the desk from the CEO of your company and talk about everything from building confidence in teenage kids to social media branding. I can’t imagine having a better mentor like that anywhere else I’ll ever work.

I’ve met some ridiculously awesome people here, both working alongside them in the office, people I’ve found jobs for, and even clients I’ve worked with. I am a huge fan of some of the situations I’ve found myself in while here. Finding someone a job and hearing how excited they get when you offer a position to them has been the most rewarding piece of my job ever. I’ve had to fire people from jobs before, which isn’t the greatest, but being able to still maintain a positive approach with them and encourage them to get out there and keep trying has helped me learn more about myself, too.

There are five million things I’ll take away from this job and I feel extremely fortunate knowing that 99% of those are positive. If you ever have the need for a staffing agency in any way, shape or form, I have an awesome one for you.

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