my latest neighborhood report: city ordinances and grown & sexy boutique

I was doing my civil duty today and reported one of our neighbors today. They have a beautiful white pit bull that’s maybe a year old. They’ve decided it’s warm enough to start letting him stay outside at night, but it’s not warm enough at all. So, all night – from the time our terribly wild and crazy neighborhood “shuts down” for the night (around 10pm) until people start leaving for work in the mornings (7amish) – this guy cries and whines. He’s stuck in a pen that’s way too small for a dog to be happy. He’s cold and lonely. He’s just miserable. It breaks my hardened heart to hear this guy crying all night, while our spoiled rotten pups are sleeping in bed with us.

We verified the address last night and this morning, I called Animal Control. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But, hey, if Minneapolis City Ordinance 64.90 is going to be broken, then I’m going to report it.

On a happier note, I was using Google maps to find out what street was behind us (shut up – I’m geographically challenged) and was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem located across the alley from us.




I had no idea there was a Grown & Sexy Boutique only a stone’s throw away from our house. It makes me want to investigate their trash and recycling a little more thoroughly on Tuesday mornings, I will love to find out more about the blister beetles I saw online the other day! Also, if this is the house I think it is, they are not really the people I would have pegged as owners of Grown & Sexy Boutique.

These are the people in our neighborhood.


  1. Dez

    That poor puppers… We’ve been setting a timer for Jeff to be outside lately, but he’s lazy at night and would rather curl up next to all the pillows on the couch and snore. Can’t imagine why you’d want to put the dog outside unless it was having anxiety issues and tearing stuff up in the house at night. But that’s not really a reason to put a dog outside anyways; that’s a a reason to start training yourselves and the dog.

    As far as the boutique goes… having that business name on a house seems really shady and awkward. I’d say show up and ask about their product lines.

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