our new low carb eating habits

(Note: Please understand we’ve done a high level of research about modifying our diet in this fashion. I know this type of diet isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. However, I would prefer that you – my awesome readers – trust that I wouldn’t do something without reading so much about it my brain hurts, monitoring more than just my weight and using a variety of different support tools out there. I ain’t no dummy. And yes, we keep carbs in the house for The Kid. We know there are differing opinions on every type of eating pattern and that’s also okay. Some things work for other people and some don’t.)

Amelia and I started in with this new low-carb phase last Monday. In one whole week, I’ve had fewer carbs than I would normally eat in a day, with many of those days involving takeout or drive-thrus, or something equally as unhealthy. A week for both of us to stick to something like this without “cheating” is a first. Following irregular and unhealthy diets can lead to erectile problems, if that’s your case read the following cannabishealthinsider article.

And it hasn’t been easy for me! This happened Wednesday at work:

I'm so into the low carb thing that these damn chocolate cupcakes are DEAD to me. #meatandcheese4lyf

Don’t worry. I skipped out on chocolate cupcakes, because meat and cheese trays are AWESOME.

Without even sharing how much weight I’ve lost so far, I can tell you that I’m sleeping better (as in through the night), haven’t had a day where I feel like I might fall asleep without a sugar rush or caffeine break and have been able to focus quite a bit better at work and at home.

We had one meal out this past week, which was for Sophia’s 5th birthday. I got a chef salad and DOMINATED that thing and Amelia got a burger, no bun. I’m not going to lie. I had a bite of birthday cake and it was fine. I figured it would be like some gateway drug causing me to run over to this adorable Little Mermaid cake and just smash my face into it, but it didn’t. I feel like it was probably enough to satiate whatever “sugar need” I was feeling at the time.

Also, we’ve been cooking like a beast! New things we’ve made just in this past week include:

  • Mashed Cauliflower – we’ve actually had this twice and it’s becoming a regular side dish for us
  • Cream Cheese Pancakes – this was Saturday morning’s breakfast and it was fabulous
  • No Carb Pizza – not a fan of this recipe, but we have some ideas to shake it up a bit if we try it again

And tonight, I’m making Chicken Cordon Blue. Amelia had a field day yesterday, coming up with recipes for mini-breakfast quiches and delicious stir fry for dinner. The stir fry was better than the stuff we used to eat before, stacked with rice and a ton of teriyaki sauce.

Our grocery trips have included hardly anything processed – artificial sweetener, sugar free coffee creamer and salad dressing are the only things we have to dig through the grocery store for.

I feel really good about this change. I’ve seen changes after just a week and I haven’t felt the need to just cheat one little bit, like I did when I’ve been on strict calorie counting diets. I’m thirsty often and the only thing that quenches my thirst is water (and my morning Powerade Zero).

I’d promise not to get too preachy about it and post about it all the time, but that’s just how I get super stoked into something. You know that by now.


  1. Kathy_B

    Good luck to you. Any time we take notice of what we are eating and plan our diet is a good thing!

    Weight Watchers works for me, but like all diets, it isn’t for everybody.

  2. Mazel! I’ve had really good, quick success with lowcarb eating. It’s tough to do, like you said, as a long-term solution — at least the more strict aspect of it, but it totally works. Keep it up!

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