this parenting a teen thing

The Kid can’t find his bus pass to ride the city bus to and from school. He thinks he left it at his dad’s, which is probably the case. But we have to dig out $2.25 for his morning ride and $2.25 for his afternoon ride until he goes back over to his dad’s. This morning, I ended up taking him to school and when he got out of the car, I required a $2.25 payment for my services. He didn’t balk at digging the money out of his pocket.

In response to me asking why he never wakes up when his TWO cell phone alarms go off:
Him: “The alarm is more of a rousing agent so that I wake up when someone calls down to me.” (A ROUSING AGENT. I don’t know where he gets this stuff.)

Me: Thanks, Brorock Brobama.
Him: No prob, Teddy Brosevelt.
Me: You’re awesome, Brobraham Lincoln.
Him: No duh, Brosiedon.

And finally, we were at a Parents Advisory Council at his school Wednesday night. There was a parent that wanted to meet more kids at the school because their child talked about all these people and they wanted to actually meet them. The parent thought volunteering at the school might be a good idea, but was afraid their child would say no. PUMP YOUR BREAKS, LADY. You’re the parent. It doesn’t matter if your kid is embarrassed. Junior can suck it up, because it is YOUR JOB to figure out who your kid is hanging out with at school.

IN SUMMATION, I feel pretty confident and so far successful about parenting a teen.

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