rule changes for the 2013 wnba season: my 2 cents

The WNBA announced a few rules changes for the upcoming season today.

The biggest one: flopping. And this should be interesting for some of those players who are too slow to stop the offense so they just throw themselves down to the court and pretend to be writhing in pain for about five hot seconds, until they’ve officially drawn an offensive foul. Then, look at that! They’re lips are flapping and they’re skipping down the court all magically healed.

From “Flopping” will be defined as any physical act that, upon review, reasonably appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player.

In other words, if you’re going to try to be a punk and go flying across the court when someone accidentally checks your hip, you’re going to get called for it. And better yet, fines will be assessed! And look at it this way, if you only made ~$60K a year, a fine is gonna hurt.

Another change I’m looking forward to: moving the 3 point line back.

The three-point line will be extended from 20 feet, 6 1/4 inches to 22 feet, 1 3/4 inches, consistent with the distance inherent in all FIBA competitions.

It’s still a shake closer than the NBA three point line, but with as many people that have taken up launching threes, I’m kind of excited to see it being pushed back. I realize everyone marks off the three point line in their own driveway and everyone practices launching it from half court, which for me, was the middle of my front yard. But I’m old fashioned when it comes to basketball, I guess. I want to see the guards to the shooting and the forwards/centers doing the work inside. Every once in a while, there’ll be someone that can do both, but that should be a rarity.

The draft is in April and I really can’t wait for the season to start. Or even the damn schedules to be released!


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