i am totally the spoiler alert

The spoiler of office holiday festivities and fun has a name and her name is Wendy.

One of our directors implemented a game last year that involved him hiding a cardboard snowman somewhere within our building and his department went on a massive hunt for it. They got super cute clues every day that were in the form of a poem. The people in my department were JEALOUS. For a few weeks, we watched them look behind paintings, in stairwells and closets and walk all around the building looking for this 18” tall cardboard snowman, just completely envious of the fun they were having.

We got wind last week that my department was going to be able to participate in this race to find a snowman worth $100. And honestly, I’d forgotten about it until this morning when our first clue came out. It mentioned things like taking a walk into the city to find a job, walked into our company, an walking into a bit of a fog and finding him on floor four or five. Completely vague.

One of my co-workers and I were instant messaging each other back and forth. He had an idea and I was reluctant to go with it, but figured what the heck. It was barely 8:00am, so why wouldn’t we give it a go first thing?

Now, I’ve watched plenty of seasons of Survivor. The hidden immunity idol has always been my favorite thing ever. When the contestants end up finding it with no clues whatsoever where it might be, except “somewhere at camp”, I’m overly excited for them.

My co-worker and I head to the 4th floor which calls for a very quick elevator ride. He walks in and starts checking behind the railing and I automatically open up the door to where the elevator phone is. And wouldn’t you know it? Frosty was seriously hiding right there, among all of the candy wrappers people have crammed in there.

We laughed. A lot. Because that’s not even where we thought it was going to be. We halfway hid it, halfway flaunted it around the office and then claimed our prize – a $100 Target gift card, which we split almost exactly down the middle. We were told we couldn’t play next year and that we ruined everyone’s Christmas. A few people thought it wasn’t fair. Some people have promised not to talk to me. But most people were impressed with our sleuth-like skills.

I felt like Russell Hantz all day long. First, I have the hidden Frosty the Snowman idol that everyone had planned on looking for over the course of the next three weeks. Second, people wanted to be completely mad about it, but it’s really hard when SOMEONE IS THAT AWESOME. And finally, I’m absolutely thrilled with the idea of being the most hated (and yet secretly the most respected!) player of Frosty the Snowman Survivor in our office.

If I was nice, I’d go buy everyone donuts with my winnings, except I’m not all that nice and my dog’s need some dog food.


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