i’ve got this powerball business in the bag

For the first time in at least 10 years, I bought Powerball tickets. I slid a five dollar bill across the counter at the gas station and said “five dollars’ worth of Powerball tickets, please!” like I was so proud of this purchase or something. The cashier said, “Well, they cost $2”, so I reluctantly slid across another dollar, which was serving as my soda fund for the rest of the week at work, and got myself $6 worth instead!

I didn’t realize they were $2 and apparently not a lot of other people that I know were aware of this either. Turns out that little change happened in January. And the internet says they could likely sell $1 billion in tickets just for tonight’s drawing. What. The. Hell.

I’m not entirely complaining because if I only spend $6 and win anything more than $6, I’ll consider it a success. My ladyfriendfiance has plans to take a two week vacation to Asia and my kid wants to take a vacation to London. I just want to pay off my car, buy an iPad and lay low for a while, you know? Maybe finally invest in some vacation time to go wherever sounds good at the drop of a hat, which also means I think it’s time to find a pretty rad backpack to carry along.

Does anyone know a good financial advisor? I mean, just in case, of course.

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