There have been multiple occasions where I’ve required the assistance of a locksmith. It’s usually because I’m a moron and locked my keys inside the car. And sometimes, since locksmiths can be slow sometimes, I’ve also contemplated using a brick to smash out the window. After all, I should probably take advantage of that zero dollar insurance deductible, right? But even the times when I’ve left the thing running, I’ve held out for the professional lock breakers to get there. $40 isn’t all that bad, but it does make me think I could save some money by investing in my own little slimjim-type thing.

It’s a completely illogical fear of mine to be somewhere I’ve never been before and run into the same problem. Because, you know, looking something up in a phone book sounds real hard. I don’t even know where I’d find a phone book, even in my own house, much less out and about in some foreign land. You know, like Canada.

If I’m ever in the need of a locksmith calgary style, I know where to find one that’s open 24/7.  And they’re apparently easy to find, too.
104-3223 83 St. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T3B 5N1, Canada
(403) 202-7656

We don’t so much have plans written in stone to visit Canada anytime in the near future, but should that happen and I leave the Vibe running and accidentally leave the keys in the car (oh, yeah, this has happened), then at least I will consider myself as readily prepared as possible now that I know how to locate a locksmith in the greater Calgary area.

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