i apparently get attached to computers

1996: I dropped out of college in September of this year, after only two weeks. Long story short, it just wasn’t for me. A few months later, I went to Sam’s Club with my aunt and uncle, with the plan to buy a computer. We got there and the AST I was going to buy was about $100 more than I had. They floated me the loan and home I went with a fancy new desktop and monitor that weighed more than a small farm animal.

1998ish: I was rolling in the dough between my part-time assistant manager gig at a pizza place and my full-time gig working third shift as a photo processor, so I ordered a new Gateway computer that lasted me through a move to three apartments in Sedalia, a house in St. Paul, an apartment in Eden Prairie, a house in Roseville, and a house in Burnsville. Thanks, Gateway, for that.

2004ish: I was obsessed with getting a computer at General Nanosystems in St. Paul, so I did. It was likely the cheapest one known to man.

2006: Again, rolling in the dough working part-time in a call center gig where everything was going to savings and a full-time sales job where commission checks were more money than I’d ever seen at once in my entire life, I needed a Dell. So, I got a Dell. It sat in the box for two weeks, because I didn’t feel like unpacking it. Took the old computer to my folks where they used it up until last year or so.

2012: I’d been whining and moaning for months about how I needed a new computer. My current one is so slow. If I have three Chrome tabs open and even think about opening something else up, I might as well get up, go into the other room, take a nice bubble bath, and maybe when I come back, it’ll be open. I happened to have some extra funds lying around thanks in part to a freelance gig, so with a little bit of prodding from my ladyfriendfiance, I bit the bullet and ordered one – my first ever laptop.

It came with this much packaging:

This much packaging for a laptop. I was mad, but then I could have 2 windows open at once and I was happy again.

Five computers in 16 years. I’m pretty happy with my track record.

And I’m pretty happy I can sit on the couch instead of hanging out in my office away from my family. Riley was pretty happy about it last night, too.

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  1. pattig

    I’m on my 5th computer as well, if I include the first computer which was a Mac shared with my brother in high school. 1995 when I went to college I had a Mac Performa. After 1999 when I was working fulltime I bought a iMac. In 2002, for my 25th birthday I spent $2500 on a Mac Powerbook. My last computer is a used Powerbook from my uncle. Can’t remember how long I’ve had it or how old it was when I purchased it from him. If I didn’t have use of my new Dell work laptop, I’d have purchased something new by now. Laptops are definitely the way to go if you want to be able to multi-task or be more social.

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