my softball days have returned. for one day only.

This is happening for the first time in 5 years. Here's hoping I don't break anything.

The batting cage was an awesome idea this weekend. It would have been awesome if I would have stopped swing the 28 ounce bat after say, oh, 50 balls. My left obliques are not feeling normal right now. I have approximately 1.5 weeks for them to heal up before I do a little batting in a real life actual game.

Ever since I got Das Boot from my last job, I’ve wanted to play softball again because I miss it. So, next summer, I’m totally going to have softball connections and be on a team again! Somehow, anyway!

I’ve been playing softball since the early 80s, where the coach actually pitched to the kids on their team. My softball teams were sponsored by banks and car repair services and I don’t even remember what else. I was a pitcher until I got into the league where you had to throw windmill pitches. I was not the best at that, but I moved over to the 2nd and 3rd base side of things and all was well.

I had gigantic grass burn or dirt burn or whatever it was all up and down my legs from sliding into bases while wearing my Umbro shorts (complete with boxers underneath them). Nobody even tried to steal third. And if they did, they had to go through me. AND BRING IT. I had some bruised up legs and cleated up ankles every summer.

I am not promising to be the not-quite-all-star I was before, but I’m very excited to play ball in the dirt with some pals in a couple of weeks!

What's up?