the causes and effects of my weekend

  • Went shopping at Old Navy for myself, on the hunt for sweater vests, of course.
    • Ended up buying The Kid jeans (when did my kid jump from wearing a size 14 to 32×20 MAN size) and a t-shirt (also he’s wearing large shirts). When did I start parenting a MAN?
  • Went to Petco to get Riley some organic treats. They’re just cookies made out of people food.
    • THERE WERE CLEARANCE TOYS. We got Riley a spaceman and June a weird circus toy where there are animals inside a circus tent and she has to get them out for a review of The Masters Hammer and Chisel workout. New goal in life: become a dog toy inventor.
  • We took June to a “featherweight” playgroup on Saturday, which means we paid $10 for her to run around with a bunch of tiny dogs that like they belong in a circus. 
    • She only spent 10 minutes hiding under the chair, but seemed to have a good time towards the end. We’re planning to take her back, because somehow she’s not scared of 80 pound dogs, but little ones freak her out. 
  • Met Ani at the batting cages in Bloomington where I used to go over my lunch break at my last job: Clutch Hitters. I’m playing in a softball tournament in a couple of weeks. 
    • I hit 71 balls. I missed one. I’m only slightly sore this morning and I realized that I miss being somewhat athletic, which explains why I downloaded some weird cardio workout app and was doing jumping jacks and “bird dogs” in my office last night. 
  • Checked out a new possible wedding location. 
    • It’s in Eden Prairie and I’m morally opposed to giving anyone in Eden Prairie any money at all. 
      • But the building is gorgeous. It’s RIGHT on a beach. Hello, swimming reception! We’re investigating the $$ side of it now. 
  • I like bullet points. 


  1. Michele

    OOOH is the new place bigger? Will it hold more people? Cause you know, I was READY to crash this awesome wedding until you told me that the last venue only held so many people and it was expensive per person…

  2. How do I “like” this post? Where’s the RT button?

    And um, a swimming reception would be the BOMBEST. You could set up a swimming obstacle course, make the dock into a swim-up bar…the possibilities are endless.

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