this gay talks about the bible

On the way to work this morning, I was thinking that today would be a good day to remind everyone how this upcoming election will personally effect my life. I know the elections aren’t about how it effects one life, but it is to me. And sometimes that helps people, you know?

And then I come to work. I log on to Facebook. And see that someone from my own family has decided that they “like” an image that says this: LIKE if… MR. PRESIDENT, MARRIAGE is between ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN. Genesis 1:27-28. My response: GIGANTIC DRAMATIC SIGH.

Because I am a Christian (and also gay), I also know Bible verses and that is not what Genesis 1:27-28 says. At all. Regardless of what version you read. And this is where I want to absolutely shake people for being these cowards that don’t have their own opinion, but can only click on the same “like” button as their friends.

Don’t misquote the Bible if you want to prove your political stance. Don’t use verses that people actually hold very near, dear and holy to insult or demean the way someone else lives their life. Don’t use God to make someone feel bad. Don’t use God to make me feel bad.

Look. I tried myself to “pray the gay away”. The entire time I lived in Missouri as an adult, I wanted so badly to feel something towards a boy, any boy, just so it would make my life easier. I could fall in love with some boy that was taller than me (my only requirement when dating guys – seriously) and we’d live happily ever after. I’d have my parents’ approval and be content to have the same lifestyle as Ozzie and Harriet. That. Never. Happened. Ever.

The thing is, there’s nothing to pray away when God created me the way I am. He gives people challenges because He knows they can handle them. It took me 20+ years to accept that, but I’ve now tackled that challenge head on and if someone’s going to get in my way of being who I am, there’s no room for them in my life.

I acknowledge that the Bible didn’t say Adam and Steve. It also didn’t say it’s okay to get divorced when things go awry with your marriage or judge others and their beliefs/lifestyles via Facebook or please go to a seafood buffet and eat all the lobsters you want. God’s anti-all those things, too, okay?

I am gay. I am proud of that. I’m engaged to a woman and I’m proud of that. I will marry her next year and be proud of that. I also believe in God and I’m proud of that. All of this is who I am. I’m so proud of that.


  1. Michele

    People often misquote the Bible, and like you, it annoys me. When someone starts quoting crap and pulling things out of context and twisting them from the Bible, the first thing (and usually only thing) I say to them is Doesn’t your bible say to judge not lest thy be judged? Because MINE does – mine says that God is the only judge. I love you Wendy, and I’m so so so glad you’ve found happiness with Amelia!!! You have every right to be proud of who you are! You are a strong, beautiful, funny, champion of underdogs, lover of pets, sports loving, awesome parent, believer of doing something for worthy causes, leader, and most important – friend.

  2. Kristi Miller

    One of the best things I have ever read!! I really hope iny lifetime I see people love each other because of who they are. I believe that GOD is smiling because of you right now Wendy and is very proud of who you are!!

  3. Kim Day

    Most people that have said they have read the Bible,well that is just about it. they have read it but don’t understand or remember what the message is. Just remember what is in your heart and soul. I am so happy that Amelia has found someone to love her like she needs to be loved, and I’m glad it was you.
    Be proud of yourself and all you have become. no matter what any one thinks or says.Just remember you are always a part of my family,crazy as it may get sometimes. We love you two


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