rehauling the basement

Our house has a finished basement and we’re so not taking advantage of it. The Kid’s bedroom is down there, which is nice. He likes his alone time sometimes and it gives him a chance to have a little more independence than having his bedroom right across the hall from ours. That’s important for a 15 year old.

The other part of the basement is this huge open space that we could definitely use as entertainment space. There’s a giant fireplace at one end and while we don’t use it, it looks awesome! We took Matt’s old couch and have a couple of chairs down there. Problem is, we’re using part of it as storage which makes it less than appealing. We also recently discovered thanks to the team of HVAC near Lodi, that we had a pipe backing up in the laundry room and what we thought was just condensation from the air conditioner turned out to be… yep! A backed up pipe. Ew.

We’ve plans to set up some carpet cleaning New York style. That’s going to have to involve moving all of the furniture out of the carpeted area, which is all of the basement except the area with the washer and dryer. So, it’ll take creative squeezing and stacking between all the furniture down there. I’m sure The Kid won’t mind when he comes back from his dad’s and his mattress is shoved on top of the fireplace. He’ll probably be okay with it, as long as he can find his phone and his iPod.

I’d still trade the hassle of cleaning the carpet at our new house, compared to the car-sized pile of dirt in our last basement. I’m not exaggerating at all about the size. It was weird and I hated going down there.


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