i used to sing karaoke…

That was usually after I’d drank a pitcher of beer (out of the pitcher) and done a few shots (usually ones that were on fire).  My 20s were completely irresponsible and perfectly awesome for that age. My 30s are just as awesome, but in ways more appropriate for public consumption.

Sometimes this singing of the karaoke took place in a pole barn turned bar/nightclub, called Club 66, which was located in illustrious Knob Noster, Missouri, located conveniently between Sedalia and Whiteman Air Force Base. (For reference, Club 66 is now called DO Drop In. I’ve never been.) Other times, it took place in a bar in Marshall, Missouri. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’m pretty sure it was a underground gay bar. Except not very underground, because it was on the town square.

Here are some videos that I’ll call: Songs Wendy Sang When Singing Karaoke With Her Friends That Often Encouraged This Behavior Because They’d Been Drinking, Too.

I was Young MC. I had ladies singing background for me.

Yeah, my name is… a hot mess on the mic.

I tried this once. And I think people left while I was on stage. I would have left, too, had I been sober enough to drive.

I know you were hoping for more, but that’s really all I’ve ever sang in my life. And that’s all I ever plan to sing in my life. The main reason: I’M A HORRIBLE SINGER… hence the rapping instead.

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