we call it light internet stalking

As I’m sure most employers/companies are wont to do now that it’s so darn easy, we tend to use Google quite a bit to find out general information on potential employees, clients, sales contacts, etc. It’s never a way to use information against someone, because let’s face it – if someone were to go back into my blog entries far enough, they’d discover my Kevin Federline Halloween costume, stories of laying in the grass outside of Liquor Lyle’s after too many secret shots, and entirely too many stories involving alcohol. I don’t worry about that stuff, because I know how to separate my inappropriate Halloween costumes and binge drinking from my professional life and it doesn’t effect it. You know, like most successful people I know. (And see how easy I just made it for anyone that just wants to learn about all that stuff in one easy to find location? You’e welcome.)

MyLife.com has been pretty handy in learning about different companies/executives. With the exception of the video that starts playing as soon as you go their actual website, it’s a helpful way to figure out where different higher ups in companies have been before, a little blurb about them, and all that jazz. It’s not just limited to that, though. If you search for your own name, it somehow tracks how many people are actually looking for you. My name and zip code yields 15 different people that are apparently trying to find me. Guys, it’s not that hard. I’m Wendy from the internet, you know?

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