i don’t like being limited to 140 characters

I do love some Twitter, very much so in fact. And I get the point is to be brief about your twat (you call them that, right?), but I’m a wordy son of a gun most of the time. So, I think up these tweets and I start pounding them out on my phone only to realize it’s over 140 characters and I refuse to shorten things into stupid text talk. Here are some things I’ve started to tweet about, but just ran out of room.

  • June is much more difficult to train than Riley. Riley is still the best dog in the world and no dog will ever compare. June is close, but, like I told her last night, she’s cruisin’ for a brusin’. And before you call ASPCA, my dad used to say the same thing to me and there was never any bruisin’ involved. The threat worked. It’s not working with June.
  • I’ve recently installed a Google Chrome extension where I can limit myself to so many minutes on a particular website each day. I’ve given myself 30 minutes to use Facebook each day during work. I don’t normally take a lunch or smoke breaks, etc. so I don’t feel bad about scattering that throughout my day. Yesterday, I only used 10 minutes of it.
  • Insomnia. Holy crap, that has been kicking my butt for a couple of months. Last night, I got six hours of sleep and it was the best thing that’s happened in my entire life. The night before was three hours. Prior to that it was two hours. I have no idea what’s going on with that, but I have a doctor’s appointment Monday and they better have some answers.
  • Step-parenting blows. I think it’s mainly sharing The Kid that I hate. He’s 15, so he’s not usually interested in spending time with his parents anyway, but I like knowing that he’s always in the basement and we can at least say good night to him. I notice it more in the summer for some reason, and this summer has been the hardest so far to not just have him around every day. I know he’s having fun at his dad’s, where they’re beach bums at a local lake and he loves that. I just miss him!
  • We took the dogs to the vet a few weeks ago. With the exception of his legs first dive through the window a year or so ago to try to murder the mailman, he hadn’t been to a doctor since his old one left our clinic. He had to have the full round of vaccines, blood work, full comprehensive, all that good stuff. Turns out my 7 year old boy is in excellent health. He has two lumps that the doctor wants to do aspirations to and check for cancer. They also suggested a gingivectomy (which means they cut down his gums) since his gums are coming up over my teeth. FOR MY DOG. Now, don’t get me wrong. If he needs it, I’ll do it. But he’s eating just fine, so I’m holding off. I was just thrilled he was in excellent health. Boxers aren’t known for their health, especially as they get up between 8-10 years, so I’m a little nervous every time we go to the doctor. OR HE SLEEPS WITH HIS EYES OPEN, BECAUSE I THINK HE’S DEAD.

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