how i celebrated america (with bullet points!)

We had zero plans for the 4th of July and that was just fine with me. I like lazy ass days where my biggest concern is whether or not Petco is open, so I can get Riley some treats.

Tuesday night, after I stayed at work until 7pm (!!! – C’MON), we headed over to Case de Konrad for Tuesday Night Meats. In very, very short, it was a fantastic time and much needed for me right now. I’ve been missing my friends lately for whatever reason. They’re a bunch of jackasses anyway, so I’m not sure what’s to miss, but I sure do love spending quality time with them. I define quality time anytime the following is included:

  • Getting a text on the way there asking if I could pick up any color Gatorade that would mix well with champagne
  • Having Junebug passed around like she’s an infant (I’m surprised that puppy actually walks)
  • Two members of the National Guard laying on the ground feeding a 15 week old puppy bits of steak and holding her water dish up to her so she can get a drink (Side note: she is now a pro and sitting, but seems disappointed that her treats at home aren’t as fresh as a medium steak from the grill)
  • A full grown man making an emergency run to find fireworks at Walgreen’s #4America
  • Wedding talk with the most supportive friends in the world
  • Playing Cards of Humanity (which we need to own STAT) and watching everyone completely lose their shit at one point during that game
  • Calling it a night when the sleepy puppy was passing out at the table

Yesterday was Riley’s Special Day, because we’ve been taking June places and leaving him at home, which is not at all what he’s used to. Riley’s Special Day included:

  • CAR RIDES!!!
  • Starbucks drive thru where he got the whip stuff on the top of my drink
  • 15 minutes at the dog park because it was 100 degrees out
  • Drinking out of the water bottle while it was being poured!
  • Shopping at PetCo
  • A bag from PetCo’s treat buffet
  • Picking out a treat of his very own from the shelf
  • A soft taco with no lettuce from Taco Bell
  • A new toy!
  • Couch time with mom!

I feel so patriotic.

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