i’ve had two psychic readings in my life

The first one was in Phoenix, AZ. I was there for a sales conference with my employer at the time and they’d provided us with a couple of psychics to visit after they’d also provided us with copious amounts of alcohol and hot air balloon rides. It was seriously fascinating. Things I learned? I was unhappy with my professional life and there was some internal drama with my personal love life. Wouldn’t have given it a second thought if 1) I didn’t completely hate my job and 2) was so totally in the closet at that damn job.

The second time I looked into this whole psychic readings business was at the Renaissance Festival. That’s not asking for trouble, am I right? This lovely psychic lady who I actually paid to read my palms or my cards or something else I can’t even remember was so sweet. The only reason I wanted to even talk to her was because I wanted to find out if I should really go through with getting Riley or not. (See, this was back in my days of way too large commission checks that I didn’t know what to do with.) She gave me some ambiguous answer, of course, which I took to mean HEY, ADOPT THAT DOG. And so I did and it all worked out, so clearly she was right.

I would absolutely not say no to seeing someone that claims to be able to read into my future and all that stuff. I’m completely fascinated by it and I have some major questions this time around. Anybody know any psychics?


  1. chele

    Actually, I do! She’s done quite a few readings for me and has always been spot-on accurate. Also – she’s just really cool and I love her to pieces.
    Send me a note if you want her contact info :)

  2. I’ve had one intuitive reading. It was fantastic, and also expensive. I haven’t seen anyone nearly as expensive as her. But I was completely satisfied with my experience, so… *shrug* I did that one over the phone.

    I’ve got another one scheduled for next week with a local person. I’m almost more interested to see how the two experiences compare than I am to hear exactly what she has to say at the moment. I’ll report back.

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