two pounds of adorable sweetness

This is June. Or Junebug. Or Juniper. Or Junie B. Or JB. Or, as much as I’m embarrassed to admit it, Princess. And she’s all ours.

Everyone keeps asking what kind of dog is she and how big will she get and here’s the answer: WE HAVE NO CLUE. Her mom looks like a Yorkie/Brussels Griffon mix and her dad didn’t stick around to see what their one night of uncommitted sex produced. She has five siblings and none of them looked the same, so it’s all going to be a surprise.

She’s catching onto potty training so well. She slept six hours straight last night. She’s already figured out that the couch is the place to be when all the people are home.

Riley loves her. He’s been bringing her toys to play with. Usually they’re bigger than her and he’s only dropped one on her head once, but he does love her. She’s a little nervous around him in the backyard, because he’s only 63 pounds heavier than her.

Marshall’s ambivalent. He likes to stare at her, especially while she’s sleeping. They haven’t had much interaction, but have been nose to nose a couple of times without too much drama.

All of her people love her like crazy. She fits right into our home and our family.

Welcome home, Baby June! We’ll have your welcome home party soon.

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