introducing baby june (with pictures)

We took The Kid and Riley to Safe Hands Rescue Meet and Greet on Saturday. The Kid hadn’t met June and the rescue organization wanted to make sure Riley wasn’t going to eat this little puppy. Good news: The Kid liked her (a lot) and Riley is pretty sweet on her, too. Our last family member to convince is Marshall, but that’ll happen in time with our fierce tiger cat who has taken to sleeping in the dog kennel as of late.

We’ll officially welcome June into our home next Sunday or Monday. She’s having her spay surgery on Thursday if she can stay above the two pound weight requirement until then. We have some shopping to do while we wait. Riley’s hand-me-downs just aren’t going to cut it. My Ladyfriendfiance is trying to convince me that June needs all pink and/or purple accessories. I’ve gotta nip that in the bud.

I read hours and hours of information about small/toy breeds last night, because I’m refusing to have a small breed puppy that yips all the time and jumps on people and acts like a fool. I did an awesome job with Riley, despite the fact that he does have his own camping chair. My plan is to make sure June is just as awesome from the get go.

We named her after June Carter Cash. She’s our little girl in all black and, much like her namesake, she can control a room full of people even if she is the tiniest thing in there. She’s part Chihuahua, part Brussels Griffon, and part something else nobody knows because her dad was a mystery man. And obviously ALL cute.

And now more pictures from Saturday and get used to them, because I’m sure they will be aplenty:


  1. Melissa

    Riley is the most chill, well-behaved and well-loved dog I have ever met. June is sure to be the same. I’m not a big, short-haired dog kind of person, but I always tell people that I make an exception where that big cutey is concerned.

  2. Carey

    She’s adorable. I expect she will soon rule the household and Riley will be at her beck and call.

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