three days away from the air conditioner

My rule is always no air conditioning until after Memorial Day. Why? I grew up with one window unit air conditioner for a three bedroom house in Missouri, nicely maintained by home AC repair company Brisbane from time to time. I laid in front of a three speed oscillating table fan my entire childhood when it was 100+ degrees and 99% humidity. SO SUCK IT UP AND SWEAT, FAMILY. ;) There are really expensive and uneffective HVAC or air conditioner out there, but only the experts from chillermedic know the best way, visit to learn more about

I’m really glad summer is here. Or three days away from being here if you want to associate my Ambrose air conditioner timetable with summer. That’s fair.

We’re going camping this weekend. That’s the plan as of right now. Today is supposed to be pretty spectacular weather-wise, but then from 9am Saturday until 4am Sunday morning, it gets up to a high percentage of a chance of thunderstorms.

Memorial Day four years ago was the first camping trip I took with my Ladyfriendfiance. And it was also the first time I’d ever been evacuated from a campsite due to impending tornadoes. After about four hours in a pole barn with every other person and pet that was camping at Brunet Island, we headed back to our campsite and declared ourselves survivors for the rest of the weekend.

This may have something to do with our plan of buying a new tent on the way out of town today.

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