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I do love Danger the Vibe. He’s proven himself to be a trusty son of a gun, despite going through tires like nobody’s business. I’ve had the car for nearly 2.5 years and gone through maybe six tires. Two of those I put on intentionally, but the rest of them have either been blow outs or slow leaks that couldn’t be prepared or something that required me to actually hobble into a tire shop on my donut tire. Good news is I can take off a tire and put that tiny guy on in record time at this point: snow, heat, gimpy arm, I’ve done it all and done it well. Way to go, figuring stuff like that out on my own!

We’ve been discussing a few things/change in our lives that would become infinitely easier with a second car.  I’ve recently started digging the Scion cars. I didn’t like them when they first came out, mainly because they looked like super douchey boxes on wheels and the people driving them looked like they thought they were better than everyone else. (Yes, I can totally tell what people are like just by the type of car they drive. Duh.) But as they’ve been around longer, I’ve grown to think I might need one. I want something as good on gas, if not better, than Danger the Vibe, so I’m not sure if Scion FR-S is going to be the right option for us but I could absolutely see myself rolling up to clients in that little turbo-charged looking car.

Otherwise, my less logical option is a scooter. And while completely not at all logical, I still can’t get the idea out of my head that I need one. I could probably get a good nine months out of the year on it, right?



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