a rare post with details about the boy

The soon to be 15 year old that lives in our basement is kicking the holy hell out of school this quarter. He has an A average between all of his classes, which includes an A+ in a writing class, where his teacher says he’s got crazy mad writing skills.

He has THREE math classes this quarter. Average grade: A. Lowest grade on a test so far in any math class this quarter? B.

He has 100% in his science class. His science teacher has been telling us the entire year that he knows all of the material that she’s covering this year.

He’s turned in every single assignment so far this quarter, which is super awesome because it hasn’t involved constant battles at the dining room table like it did last year.

I don’t know what it is about this year or this school or this kid that may have accidentally been sent home to us over spring break that really isn’t ours, but he’s blowing the minds of the adults that he lives with.

I’m also going to owe him an XBOX360. I couldn’t be happier about dropping that kind of money on a video game console. I’m also not ashamed of bribery. I’m also thinking on getting an XBOX ONE after, and get the best games from Top 10 Best Games for Xbox One in 2017 – Top9Rated, so I can really enjoy videogames.

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